20 Phrases to Show “Cause” in English

Understanding how to express cause in English is essential for clear communication. Here are 20 phrases to help you articulate reasons and causes effectively in various contexts.

1. Because

Meaning: Due to

Example: She left because she was tired.

2. Since

Meaning: As a result of

Example: Since it rained, we stayed inside.

3. Due to

Meaning: Owing to

Example: The game was canceled due to rain.

4. As a result of

Meaning: Because of

Example: He got sick as a result of the cold.

5. Owing to

Meaning: Because of

Example: Owing to traffic, we were late.

6. As

Meaning: Since

Example: As it was late, we went home.

7. For

Meaning: Because

Example: He studied hard, for he wanted to pass.

8. On account of

Meaning: Because of

Example: The match was delayed on account of rain.

9. Thanks to

Meaning: Due to

Example: Thanks to her help, we finished early.

10. By virtue of

Meaning: Because of

Example: She succeeded by virtue of her hard work.

11. In view of

Meaning: Because of

Example: In view of his efforts, he was promoted.

12. Seeing that

Meaning: Because

Example: Seeing that it was dark, we left early.

13. Considering

Meaning: Taking into account

Example: Considering the weather, we canceled the picnic.

14. In light of

Meaning: Due to

Example: In light of new evidence, the case reopened.

15. Inasmuch as

Meaning: Since

Example: Inasmuch as he’s honest, we trust him.

16. For the reason that

Meaning: Because

Example: She cried for the reason that she was sad.

17. Out of

Meaning: Because of

Example: He did it out of kindness.

18. On grounds of

Meaning: Based on

Example: He was fired on grounds of misconduct.

19. As long as

Meaning: Provided that

Example: As long as it rains, we’ll stay in.

20. If…then

Meaning: Conditional cause

Example: If you study, then you will pass.

Phrases to Show Cause

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