20 Preposition + Noun Phrases in English

Preposition + noun phrases are essential in English, providing clarity and context in sentences. This guide offers 20 common preposition + noun phrases, complete with short meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

1. At home

Meaning: In one’s house
Example: She feels relaxed at home.

2. On time

Meaning: Punctual
Example: He arrived on time for the meeting.

3. In trouble

Meaning: Facing difficulties
Example: They are in trouble with the law.

4. Under pressure

Meaning: Stressed
Example: She works well under pressure.

5. In charge

Meaning: Responsible for
Example: He is in charge of the project.

6. By chance

Meaning: Accidentally
Example: We met by chance at the park.

7. On purpose

Meaning: Intentionally
Example: He broke the vase on purpose.

8. In advance

Meaning: Ahead of time
Example: Please book tickets in advance.

9. On duty

Meaning: Working
Example: The nurse is on duty tonight.

10. In danger

Meaning: At risk
Example: The animals are in danger of extinction.

11. At risk

Meaning: In danger
Example: Her health is at risk.

12. On hold

Meaning: Paused
Example: The project is on hold.

13. In debt

Meaning: Owing money
Example: They are deep in debt.

14. At work

Meaning: Working
Example: He is currently at work.

15. In demand

Meaning: Popular
Example: This product is in demand.

16. On edge

Meaning: Nervous
Example: She feels on edge today.

17. At fault

Meaning: Responsible
Example: He is at fault for the mistake.

18. In effect

Meaning: Active
Example: The new rule is in effect.

19. At ease

Meaning: Relaxed
Example: She feels at ease with him.

20. In fact

Meaning: Actually
Example: In fact, he is right.

Preposition + noun Phrases

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