20 Catch Idioms in English

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Catch idioms are phrases that include the word “catch” and convey specific meanings. They are commonly used in everyday language to express various ideas. Here are 20 catch idioms, along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Catch a Break

Meaning: Get a lucky opportunity.
Example: She finally caught a break at work.

2. Catch a Cold

Meaning: Become ill with a cold.
Example: He caught a cold after the rain.

3. Catch Fire

Meaning: Begin to burn.
Example: The old barn caught fire quickly.

4. Catch Someone’s Eye

Meaning: Attract someone’s attention.
Example: That dress really caught my eye.

5. Catch Up

Meaning: Reach the same level.
Example: She needs to catch up in math.

6. Catch Wind Of

Meaning: Hear a rumor.
Example: He caught wind of the surprise party.

7. Catch a Glimpse

Meaning: See briefly.
Example: I caught a glimpse of the actor.

8. Catch One’s Breath

Meaning: Take a short rest.
Example: Let me catch my breath first.

9. Catch Some Z’s

Meaning: Get some sleep.
Example: I need to catch some Z’s now.

10. Catch Off Guard

Meaning: Surprise someone.
Example: The news caught him off guard.

11. Catch in the Act

Meaning: Catch while doing something wrong.
Example: She was caught in the act of cheating.

12. Catch Red-Handed

Meaning: Catch in the act of wrongdoing.
Example: The thief was caught red-handed.

13. Catch a Bus

Meaning: Board a bus.
Example: I need to catch the 5 PM bus.

14. Catch on

Meaning: Understand or grasp.
Example: He quickly caught on to the joke.

15. Catch the Drift

Meaning: Understand the general meaning.
Example: I didn’t catch the drift at first.

16. Catch Sight Of

Meaning: See something suddenly.
Example: She caught sight of her friend.

17. Catch a Train

Meaning: Board a train.
Example: We must catch the next train.

18. Catch One’s Death

Meaning: Become very ill.
Example: You’ll catch your death in the rain.

19. Catch and Release

Meaning: Catch and then set free.
Example: We practiced catch and release fishing.

20. Catch Hell

Meaning: Be severely reprimanded.
Example: He’ll catch hell for missing work.

Catch Idioms

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