20 Expressions Used to Express Future Probability

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Understanding how to express future probability is crucial for effective communication. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 common expressions used to convey future probability, complete with brief meanings and example sentences to help you use them correctly in everyday conversations.

1. Will Likely

Meaning: Probably will happen.
Example: She will likely join us tomorrow.

2. Might

Meaning: Possibly will happen.
Example: We might go to the park later.

3. Could

Meaning: Maybe will occur.
Example: It could rain this afternoon.

4. May

Meaning: Possibly can happen.
Example: They may visit us next week.

5. Probably

Meaning: Highly likely.
Example: He’ll probably call you tonight.

6. Possibly

Meaning: Might happen.
Example: We could possibly see a movie tonight.

7. Likely

Meaning: High chance of happening.
Example: It’s likely to snow tomorrow.

8. Unlikely

Meaning: Not expected to happen.
Example: It’s unlikely she will come.

9. Certain

Meaning: Sure to happen.
Example: She is certain to win the prize.

10. Almost Certain

Meaning: Very likely to occur.
Example: They are almost certain to succeed.

11. Bound To

Meaning: Sure to happen.
Example: He’s bound to pass the exam.

12. Destined To

Meaning: Sure to occur.
Example: She is destined to be famous.

13. Sure To

Meaning: Will definitely happen.
Example: They are sure to arrive soon.

14. Highly Likely

Meaning: Very probable.
Example: It’s highly likely he will attend.

15. Possible

Meaning: Can happen.
Example: It’s possible we’ll meet tonight.

16. Maybe

Meaning: Possibly.
Example: Maybe she’ll join us later.

17. Definitely

Meaning: Certainly will happen.
Example: He’ll definitely be there.

18. Assured

Meaning: Guaranteed to happen.
Example: She is assured a promotion.

19. Inevitably

Meaning: Certain to occur.
Example: Change will inevitably happen.

20. In All Probability

Meaning: Most likely.
Example: In all probability, it will be sunny.

Expressing Future Probability

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