24 Negative Prefixes and Suffixes in English

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Understanding negative prefixes and suffixes in English helps in forming words that convey opposite or negative meanings. This guide explores 24 common negative prefixes and suffixes, providing examples to enhance your vocabulary and comprehension.

Negative Prefixes

  1. Un-: unhappy, unusual, unclear
  2. In-: inactive, incomplete, inconvenient
  3. Im-: impossible, immature, impolite
  4. Il-: illegal, illogical, illegible
  5. Ir-: irresponsible, irrelevant, irregular
  6. Non-: nonessential, nonstop, nonfiction
  7. Dis-: dishonest, disappear, disapprove
  8. Mis-: misunderstand, misplace, misuse
  9. Mal-: malfunction, malnutrition, malpractice
  10. Anti-: antisocial, antibacterial, antifreeze
  11. De-: deactivate, degrade, devalue
  12. A-: amoral, asymmetrical, atypical

Negative Suffixes

  1. -less: hopeless, careless
  2. -ness: sadness, darkness
  3. -ment: disappointment, displacement
  4. -ant: defiant, reluctant
  5. -en: weaken, shorten
  6. -ish: selfish, childish
  7. -ous: dangerous, furious
  8. -ful: harmful, stressful
  9. -ive: negative, corrosive
  10. -ly: badly, poorly
  11. -ic: chaotic, acidic
  12. -ate: desolate, separate

Negative Prefixes and Suffixes

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