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24 Negative Prefixes and Suffixes in English

Understanding negative prefixes and suffixes in English helps in forming words that convey opposite or negative meanings. This guide explores 24 common negative prefixes and suffixes, providing examples to enhance your vocabulary and comprehension. Negative Prefixes Un-: unhappy, unusual, unclear In-: inactive, incomplete, inconvenient Im-: impossible, immature, impolite Il-: illegal, illogical, illegible Ir-: irresponsible, irrelevant, […]

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Adjectives with the Suffix ABLE Copy

18 Adjectives with the Suffix -ABLE

Adjectives ending in “-able” are quite common in the English language. These suffixes turn verbs into adjectives, often meaning “capable of” or “worthy of,” thus helping to describe an object’s characteristics or an individual’s capabilities in various contexts. Understanding these adjectives can enhance your vocabulary and precision in both spoken and written English. Here are

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