18 Adjectives with the Suffix -ABLE

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Adjectives ending in “-able” are quite common in the English language. These suffixes turn verbs into adjectives, often meaning “capable of” or “worthy of,” thus helping to describe an object’s characteristics or an individual’s capabilities in various contexts.

Understanding these adjectives can enhance your vocabulary and precision in both spoken and written English. Here are 20 adjectives with the suffix -able,” each defined and demonstrated through simple examples.

Adjectives with the Suffix -ABLE

1. Adaptable

Meaning: Capable of adjusting to new conditions


  • She’s adaptable in stressful situations.
  • Their strategy was adaptable across markets.
  • This tool is quite adaptable for home use.

2. Agreeable

Meaning: Pleasant and easy to like


  • He’s always agreeable to discussions.
  • The terms were agreeable to everyone.
  • An agreeable aroma filled the kitchen.

3. Available

Meaning: Free for use or participation


  • The venue is available next Friday.
  • These resources are available online.
  • He was available for comment after the event.

4. Believable

Meaning: Capable of being believed


  • His story didn’t seem believable.
  • She gave a believable excuse.
  • The plot needs to be more believable.

5. Breakable

Meaning: Capable of being broken


  • Handle those breakable items carefully.
  • The materials used are not breakable.
  • Her confidence was breakable under pressure.

6. Comfortable

Meaning: Providing physical ease and relaxation


  • This chair is quite comfortable.
  • They made us feel comfortable at their home.
  • I need a comfortable pair of shoes.

7. Dependable

Meaning: Trustworthy and reliable


  • He is a dependable friend.
  • Their service is always dependable.
  • We need a dependable vehicle for the trip.

8. Enjoyable

Meaning: Pleasurable or satisfying


  • The concert was enjoyable.
  • She found the book highly enjoyable.
  • Our trip was more enjoyable than expected.

9. Manageable

Meaning: Possible to manage or control


  • The workload is manageable.
  • They kept expenses to a manageable level.
  • Her demands were not manageable.

10. Noticeable

Meaning: Easily seen or noticed


  • There was a noticeable improvement.
  • His absence was noticeable at the meeting.
  • The quality difference is noticeable.

11. Presentable

Meaning: Suitable or acceptable in appearance


  • Make sure you’re presentable for the interview.
  • The house is presentable for guests.
  • She looked very presentable at the dinner.

12. Questionable

Meaning: Doubtful as to honesty or legality


  • His motives were questionable.
  • The data’s accuracy is questionable.
  • It was a questionable decision.

13. Reliable

Meaning: Dependable in achievement, accuracy, honesty


  • She is reliable with confidential information.
  • A reliable source confirmed the story.
  • We need reliable equipment for the project.

14. Respectable

Meaning: Regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct


  • He comes from a respectable family.
  • A respectable amount of money.
  • She holds a respectable position in the company.

15. Sustainable

Meaning: Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level


  • Sustainable agriculture is essential.
  • They promoted sustainable living practices.
  • Seeking a sustainable use of resources.

16. Variable

Meaning: Not consistent or having a fixed pattern


  • Weather conditions are highly variable.
  • Variable expenses can be hard to predict.
  • Interest rates are variable.

17. Vulnerable

Meaning: Susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm


  • The coastal areas are vulnerable to storms.
  • Children are the most vulnerable members of society.
  • She felt vulnerable in unfamiliar surroundings.

18. Washable

Meaning: Able to be washed without damage


  • The fabrics are all washable.
  • Make sure the paint is washable.
  • Bought curtains that are easy and washable.

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