Phrasal Verbs with Wake

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Phrasal verbs with “wake” provide a rich palette of expressions relating to coming out of sleep or making something active again. They are particularly useful in everyday conversation, often describing how we start our day or revive our energy. Mastering these phrasal verbs can add depth to your language, helping you describe various states of alertness and activation with ease and precision.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Wake:

  1. Wake up
  2. Wake (someone) up
  3. Wake from
  4. Wake to
  5. Wake with
  6. Wake at
  7. Wake into
  8. Wake through
  9. Wake across
  10. Wake down
  11. Wake in
  12. Wake on
  13. Wake over
  14. Wake past
  15. Wake under
  16. Wake out
  17. Wake off
  18. Wake beside
  19. Wake around
  20. Wake out of

Phrasal Verbs With Wake And Their Meanings

Wake up

Meaning: To stop sleeping; become alert.

Example: I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning.

Wake off

Meaning: To suddenly wake up from a light sleep.

Example: A loud bang caused her to wake off instantly.

Wake (someone) up

Meaning: To cause someone to stop sleeping.

Example: Please wake me up before you leave.

Wake from

Meaning: To come out of a sleep or unconscious state.

Example: He finally woke from a deep sleep late in the afternoon.

Wake to

Meaning: To become alert to a situation upon waking.

Example: She woke to the sound of rain against the window.

Wake with

Meaning: To awaken possessing a feeling or sensation.

Example: He often wakes with a headache.

Wake at

Meaning: To be awakened by a specific stimulus.

Example: They woke at the sound of the alarm.

Wake into

Meaning: To wake and find oneself in a certain situation.

Example: He woke into complete chaos after the party.

Wake through

Meaning: To stay awake through a specific period or event.

Example: She couldn’t wake through the entire movie.

Wake across

Meaning: To awaken and become aware of something across a distance.

Example: He woke across the room to the sight of an open window.

Wake down

Meaning: To wake and calm down immediately after.

Example: After waking down, he remembered where he was.

Wake in

Meaning: To wake up inside a particular place or state.

Example: She woke in a strange room, confused.

Wake on

Meaning: To awaken and focus immediately on something.

Example: He woke on hearing his name called.

Wake over

Meaning: To repeatedly wake up during a period.

Example: During her illness, she would wake over and over during the night.

Wake past

Meaning: To sleep beyond a usual or intended time.

Example: I woke past noon after a late night.

Wake under

Meaning: To awaken feeling oppressed or burdened.

Example: She woke under the weight of her unresolved problems.

Wake out

Meaning: To awaken and emerge from a place or state.

Example: He woke out from under the blankets, ready for the day.

Wake beside

Meaning: To awaken with someone or something next to you.

Example: She woke beside her new puppy, who was already awake.

Wake around

Meaning: To wake up surrounded by something or amidst an ongoing event.

Example: He woke around 3 AM to find the party still in full swing.

Wake out of

Meaning: To forcefully bring oneself or someone out of sleep.

Example: He had to wake himself out of a terrifying dream.

Phrasal Verbs with Wake

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