Phrasal Verbs with Up

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The word “up” is used in many phrasal verbs, providing a wealth of expressions that enhance English language fluency. These phrasal verbs can indicate an increase, completion, improvement, or starting something, among other meanings. Mastering them can greatly improve your ability to express actions and emotions with clarity and precision. Let’s explore some useful phrasal verbs that incorporate “up.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Up:

  1. Wake up
  2. Clean up
  3. Look up
  4. Give up
  5. Dress up
  6. Make up
  7. Set up
  8. Break up
  9. Blow up
  10. Hang up
  11. Pick up
  12. Turn up
  13. Shut up
  14. Wrap up
  15. Mix up
  16. Back up
  17. Hold up
  18. Catch up
  19. Speed up
  20. Fix up

Phrasal Verbs With Up And Their Meanings

Wrap up

Meaning: To complete or finish something.

Example: Let’s wrap up this meeting and go home.

Fix up

Meaning: To repair or renovate.

Example: They’re planning to fix up the old house.

Wake up

Meaning: To stop sleeping; become alert.

Example: I wake up at 6 AM every morning.

Clean up

Meaning: To tidy or clean an area.

Example: After the party, we had to clean up the mess.

Look up

Meaning: To search for information, especially in a book or online.

Example: You can look up the word in a dictionary.

Give up

Meaning: To stop trying or surrender.

Example: He gave up smoking last year.

Dress up

Meaning: To wear formal or elaborate clothes.

Example: She likes to dress up for any occasion.

Make up

Meaning: To reconcile after a dispute or to invent a story.

Example: They made up quickly after the argument.

Set up

Meaning: To arrange or establish something.

Example: We need to set up the meeting room before noon.

Break up

Meaning: To end a relationship or gathering.

Example: They decided to break up after five years together.

Blow up

Meaning: To explode or increase significantly.

Example: The balloons blew up when exposed to the heat.

Hang up

Meaning: To end a phone call; to hang something on a hook or hanger.

Example: She hung up before I could explain.

Pick up

Meaning: To lift something; to improve or recover.

Example: Sales picked up after the new advertising campaign.

Turn up

Meaning: To appear unexpectedly or to increase volume or intensity.

Example: He turned up at the party without an invitation.

Shut up

Meaning: To stop talking or making noise.

Example: She told her noisy classmates to shut up.

Mix up

Meaning: To confuse or combine things in a disorderly way.

Example: I mixed up the files for the two clients.

Back up

Meaning: To make a copy of data or support someone.

Example: Always back up your work on a separate drive.

Hold up

Meaning: To delay or rob using threats.

Example: Traffic was held up due to the accident.

Catch up

Meaning: To reach the same level or point as someone else.

Example: I need to catch up on my reading.

Speed up

Meaning: To increase speed.

Example: The driver sped up as he entered the highway.

Phrasal Verbs with Up

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