Phrasal Verbs with Turn

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Phrasal verbs with “turn” are integral to mastering the nuances of English. They can describe a variety of actions, from physical movements to changes in states or decisions. These phrases help express transitions and adjustments in everyday conversations, making your speech more detailed and vibrant.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Turn:

  1. Turn around
  2. Turn down
  3. Turn up
  4. Turn off
  5. Turn on
  6. Turn over
  7. Turn out
  8. Turn into
  9. Turn away
  10. Turn back
  11. Turn aside
  12. Turn against
  13. Turn to
  14. Turn from
  15. Turn upon
  16. Turn under
  17. Turn towards
  18. Turn through
  19. Turn across
  20. Turn along

Phrasal Verbs With Turn And Their Meanings

Turn into

Meaning: To transform or convert.

Example: The caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly.

Turn around

Meaning: To change direction or position; to improve significantly.

Example: The company’s fortunes turned around after the new CEO took charge.

Turn down

Meaning: To reject or refuse an offer or request.

Example: He turned down the job offer because it required too much travel.

Turn up

Meaning: To increase volume or intensity; to arrive unexpectedly.

Example: Can you turn up the music? Also, guess who turned up at my party!

Turn off

Meaning: To switch off a device; to cause dislike.

Example: Please turn off the lights when you leave. That attitude really turns me off.

Turn on

Meaning: To switch on a device; to excite or interest.

Example: Just turn on the heater if you get cold. The mystery genre really turns her on.

Turn over

Meaning: To flip something to the other side; to consider thoroughly.

Example: Turn over the steak, so it cooks evenly. They turned over every possibility.

Turn out

Meaning: To end up being or doing; to produce.

Example: It turned out that he had left an hour ago. The play turned out to be a great success.

Turn away

Meaning: To refuse admittance or service.

Example: The club turned away guests without invitations.

Turn back

Meaning: To return the way one has come; to revert to a previous state.

Example: They had to turn back because of the snow. I wish we could turn back time.

Turn aside

Meaning: To deflect or avoid.

Example: He turned aside every question about his future plans.

Turn against

Meaning: To become hostile towards.

Example: She turned against her colleagues after the dispute.

Turn to

Meaning: To start doing something; to rely on.

Example: When times are tough, I turn to my friends for support.

Turn from

Meaning: To change one’s attention or direction away from something.

Example: He turned from his past mistakes and started anew.

Turn upon

Meaning: To suddenly attack or confront.

Example: The debate turned upon the issue of financial transparency.

Turn under

Meaning: To fold something underneath.

Example: She turned under the edge of the cloth while sewing.

Turn towards

Meaning: To direct one’s attention or affection towards something.

Example: He turned towards renewable energy projects with great interest.

Turn through

Meaning: To go through pages or materials.

Example: She turned through the old book looking for notes.

Turn across

Meaning: To change direction across a path or road.

Example: He turned across the traffic too abruptly.

Turn along

Meaning: To proceed or continue in a direction along a path.

Example: Just turn along this road until you reach the marker.

Phrasal Verbs with Turn

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