Phrasal Verbs with Try

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Phrasal verbs with “try” provide a toolkit for expressing effort, experimentation, and attempts in different contexts. These phrases can be pivotal in everyday language, helping to describe various scenarios where attempting or testing something is involved. Grasping these phrasal verbs can enrich your English communication, making it more precise and relatable when discussing efforts to accomplish something.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Try:

  1. Try out
  2. Try on
  3. Try for
  4. Try off
  5. Try over
  6. Try at
  7. Try back
  8. Try down
  9. Try in
  10. Try into
  11. Try off for
  12. Try on for
  13. Try out for
  14. Try up
  15. Try with
  16. Try against
  17. Try through
  18. Try from
  19. Try under
  20. Try across

Phrasal Verbs With Try And Their Meanings

Try down

Meaning: To attempt to calm or pacify someone.

Example: It took hours to try down the upset toddler.

Try up

Meaning: To fasten or secure something by tying.

Example: Try up the package tightly before shipping.

Try out

Meaning: To test something in order to see if it works or suits your needs.

Example: She wants to try out the new car before she buys it.

Try on

Meaning: To put on clothing to see if it fits or looks nice.

Example: Can I try on this dress in a smaller size?

Try for

Meaning: To attempt to achieve or obtain something.

Example: He’s going to try for a spot on the varsity team.

Try off

Meaning: Rarely used, but can mean to attempt to remove something.

Example: I’ll try off these stains with some strong detergent.

Try over

Meaning: To rehearse or practice something.

Example: We should try over the speech before the presentation.

Try at

Meaning: To make an attempt at doing something.

Example: He tried at solving the complex math problem but couldn’t.

Try back

Meaning: To attempt to contact someone again.

Example: I couldn’t reach her, so I’ll try back later.

Try in

Meaning: To bring something inside to attempt or test.

Example: Let’s try in the new furniture to see how it fits.

Try into

Meaning: To attempt to fit into a group or situation.

Example: He never really tried into the company’s culture.

Try off for

Meaning: To attempt to qualify for something.

Example: He’s going to try off for the school play.

Try on for

Meaning: To audition or test for a specific role or position.

Example: She will try on for the lead role in the play.

Try out for

Meaning: To attempt to join a team, group, or part in an activity.

Example: She’s going to try out for the basketball team this year.

Try with

Meaning: To attempt to use something.

Example: You can try with a different approach to solve this issue.

Try against

Meaning: To test or compare against.

Example: We must try the new samples against the existing standards.

Try through

Meaning: To persist in an effort through difficulties.

Example: He tried through all challenges and finally succeeded.

Try from

Meaning: To attempt starting from a specific point.

Example: Try from the beginning of the chapter to understand the context better.

Try under

Meaning: To attempt under certain conditions or circumstances.

Example: They had to try under extreme weather conditions.

Try across

Meaning: To attempt to get from one side to another.

Example: We’ll need to try across the river by canoe.

Phrasal Verbs with Try

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