Phrasal Verbs with Tie

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Phrasal verbs are versatile expressions in English that combine a verb with a preposition or adverb to create a new meaning. The verb “tie” forms the basis of several useful phrasal verbs that are commonly used to describe actions related to connecting, securing, or finishing tasks. These expressions can add a practical and colorful dimension to your communication, helping you to describe activities involving binding or concluding more vividly.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Tie:

  1. Tie up
  2. Tie down
  3. Tie in
  4. Tie off
  5. Tie back
  6. Tie over
  7. Tie together
  8. Tie around
  9. Tie out
  10. Tie on
  11. Tie into
  12. Tie through
  13. Tie up with
  14. Tie back to
  15. Tie onto
  16. Tie under
  17. Tie across
  18. Tie along
  19. Tie apart
  20. Tie out of

Phrasal Verbs With Tie And Their Meanings

Tie on

Meaning: To attach by tying.

Example: She tied on a colorful ribbon to the gift.

Tie up

Meaning: To bind securely; also, to occupy or engage fully.

Example: She tied up the package with string. / He’s all tied up in a meeting.

Tie down

Meaning: To secure something from moving.

Example: Make sure to tie down the tarp so it doesn’t blow away.

Tie in

Meaning: To connect or link things logically.

Example: The bonus chapter ties in nicely with the main story.

Tie off

Meaning: To secure the end of something by tying.

Example: After the surgery, the doctor tied off the blood vessels.

Tie back

Meaning: To pull back and secure.

Example: She tied back her hair before starting the experiment.

Tie over

Meaning: To cover or secure with a tie.

Example: You can tie the cloth over the bowl to keep the bugs out.

Tie together

Meaning: To connect two or more elements.

Example: This evidence ties together all the suspect’s activities.

Tie around

Meaning: To encircle with a tie.

Example: He tied a scarf around his neck before heading out.

Tie out

Meaning: To secure an animal or object outside.

Example: We tied the dog out while we set up the campsite.

Tie into

Meaning: To integrate or involve in.

Example: The new system is tied into the existing network.

Tie through

Meaning: To fasten by passing something through.

Example: He tied the rope through the loop on the wall.

Tie up with

Meaning: To become involved or associated with.

Example: The company is tied up with several large clients.

Tie back to

Meaning: To relate or connect back to something.

Example: Her remarks tie back to the earlier discussion in the meeting.

Tie onto

Meaning: To attach something by tying.

Example: Tie your key onto this string so it won’t get lost.

Tie under

Meaning: To fasten underneath.

Example: The boat was tied under the dock to keep it steady.

Tie across

Meaning: To stretch and tie something across a space.

Example: We tied a rope across the two trees to hang the food out of reach.

Tie along

Meaning: To fasten along the length of something.

Example: Flags were tied along the railing for the parade.

Tie apart

Meaning: To keep separated by tying.

Example: The saplings were tied apart to ensure they have space to grow.

Tie out of

Meaning: To untie or release from being tied.

Example: He managed to tie himself out of the ropes.

Phrasal Verbs with Tie

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