Phrasal Verbs with Throw

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Phrasal verbs are key elements of English that enhance expression and bring dynamism to everyday language. With the verb “throw,” numerous phrasal verbs convey actions of projecting, releasing, or discarding something, often with force or intent. These phrases can significantly enrich your vocabulary, making it easier to describe physical actions and metaphorical ideas in a lively and accessible manner.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Throw:

  1. Throw away
  2. Throw out
  3. Throw up
  4. Throw off
  5. Throw on
  6. Throw over
  7. Throw back
  8. Throw down
  9. Throw together
  10. Throw aside
  11. Throw in
  12. Throw around
  13. Throw across
  14. Throw forward
  15. Throw open
  16. Throw past
  17. Throw toward
  18. Throw under
  19. Throw upon
  20. Throw out of

Phrasal Verbs With Throw And Their Meanings

Throw down

Meaning: To fight or compete fiercely.

Example: He threw down a challenge to his competitors.

Throw away

Meaning: To discard something as useless or unwanted.

Example: Make sure not to throw away the receipt.

Throw out

Meaning: To discard; also, to suggest an idea.

Example: He threw out the old couch that was too worn to use.

Throw up

Meaning: To vomit; also, to construct something quickly or haphazardly.

Example: The sudden illness made him throw up.

Throw off

Meaning: To get rid of; to disturb the balance or routine.

Example: The new evidence threw off the investigation.

Throw on

Meaning: To put on clothing quickly.

Example: She threw on a coat and ran out the door.

Throw over

Meaning: To abandon or betray.

Example: He was accused of throwing over his principles for profit.

Throw back

Meaning: To return something to where it came from; reminiscent of a past style.

Example: That song really throws me back to my high school days.

Throw together

Meaning: To make or assemble quickly and without much care.

Example: She threw together a meal from whatever was in the fridge.

Throw aside

Meaning: To set something aside dismissively.

Example: He threw aside his book and got up to answer the door.

Throw in

Meaning: To add something extra without additional charge; to contribute.

Example: They threw in a free dessert as a bonus.

Throw around

Meaning: To use something, especially names or terms, casually or irresponsibly.

Example: He’s known for throwing around accusations without proof.

Throw across

Meaning: To make something reach across a distance.

Example: Can you throw the rope across the river?

Throw forward

Meaning: To project or estimate something into the future.

Example: The plan throws forward some interesting possibilities.

Throw open

Meaning: To open something suddenly and completely.

Example: She threw open the windows to let in fresh air.

Throw past

Meaning: To move something beyond a target or point.

Example: He threw the ball past the receiver by mistake.

Throw toward

Meaning: To aim and project something in a specific direction.

Example: She threw the pillow toward the couch.

Throw under

Meaning: To betray or sacrifice someone for personal gain.

Example: He felt thrown under the bus by his own team.

Throw upon

Meaning: To suddenly put responsibility or attention on someone.

Example: The decision was thrown upon her at the last moment.

Throw out of

Meaning: To forcibly remove from a place or position.

Example: He was thrown out of the club for disruptive behavior.

Phrasal Verbs with Throw

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