Phrasal Verbs with Tear

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Phrasal verbs bring vibrancy and expressiveness to English, helping speakers convey actions and emotions with precision. The word “tear” forms the base of several dynamic phrasal verbs, which often describe actions involving pulling something apart or moving quickly. These phrasal verbs can add emotional depth and action to your speech, making your communication more impactful.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Tear:

  1. Tear apart
  2. Tear down
  3. Tear up
  4. Tear away
  5. Tear off
  6. Tear into
  7. Tear out
  8. Tear around
  9. Tear along
  10. Tear back
  11. Tear open
  12. Tear through
  13. Tear up at
  14. Tear over
  15. Tear under
  16. Tear across
  17. Tear aside
  18. Tear at
  19. Tear between
  20. Tear up the rulebook

Phrasal Verbs With Tear And Their Meanings

Tear aside

Meaning: To pull something aside rapidly.

Example: He tore the curtains aside to let in more light.

Tear apart

Meaning: To rip into pieces or cause great emotional pain.

Example: The loss of her pet tore her apart.

Tear down

Meaning: To demolish a structure or criticize severely.

Example: The old building was torn down to make way for new apartments.

Tear up

Meaning: To rip something into pieces or become very emotional.

Example: She teared up when she read the farewell card.

Tear away

Meaning: To remove forcefully or leave quickly.

Example: He tore away from the crowd to chase after the bus.

Tear off

Meaning: To remove something quickly and forcefully.

Example: She tore off the sale tags before wearing her new dress.

Tear into

Meaning: To criticize harshly or start eating with vigor.

Example: He tore into the steak as soon as it was served.

Tear out

Meaning: To remove something by tearing.

Example: She tore out a page from her notebook.

Tear around

Meaning: To move very quickly, in a rushed or hectic way.

Example: The kids were tearing around the house all afternoon.

Tear along

Meaning: To move very fast.

Example: He was tearing along the freeway when he got pulled over.

Tear back

Meaning: To return quickly to a place.

Example: After forgetting his wallet, he tore back to the café.

Tear open

Meaning: To open something forcefully.

Example: He tore open the envelope in excitement.

Tear through

Meaning: To move very quickly, destroying or displacing things in the path.

Example: The tornado tore through the town, leaving devastation in its wake.

Tear up at

Meaning: To begin to cry.

Example: She teared up at the end of the movie.

Tear over

Meaning: To go somewhere quickly.

Example: They tore over to the hospital as soon as they heard the news.

Tear under

Meaning: To rip something from underneath.

Example: The puppy tore under the sofa cushion looking for its toy.

Tear across

Meaning: To move very quickly across an area.

Example: She tore across the field to meet her friends.

Tear at

Meaning: To pull or rip at something repeatedly.

Example: The dog was tearing at the toy, trying to get the squeaker out.

Tear between

Meaning: To feel conflicted between two choices.

Example: She was torn between staying in her current job or accepting a new offer.

Tear up the rulebook

Meaning: To completely disregard the usual rules or conventions.

Example: With his innovative approach, he’s tearing up the rulebook in his industry.Phrasal Verbs with Tear

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