Phrasal Verbs with Through

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Phrasal verbs using “through” offer a rich palette of expressions that enhance English communication. These verbs commonly convey the idea of completion, thorough examination, or continuation amidst challenges. They are particularly useful in both spoken and written language, providing clarity and depth when discussing processes, investigations, and resilience. Here, we will explore some key phrasal verbs that incorporate “through.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Through:

  1. Go through
  2. Get through
  3. Run through
  4. See through
  5. Break through
  6. Come through
  7. Follow through
  8. Live through
  9. Look through
  10. Pass through
  11. Pull through
  12. Push through
  13. Sift through
  14. Sleep through
  15. Think through
  16. Work through
  17. Plow through
  18. Browse through
  19. Wade through
  20. Fight through

Phrasal Verbs With Through And Their Meanings

Sleep through

Meaning: To remain asleep despite disturbances.

Example: He slept through the thunderstorm last night.

Go through

Meaning: To experience or undergo a process.

Example: She went through a lot of difficulties during her early career.

Get through

Meaning: To finish; to make contact or communicate.

Example: I finally got through the entire book last night.

Run through

Meaning: To rehearse or review quickly.

Example: Let’s run through the presentation one more time.

See through

Meaning: To recognize the true nature of someone or something; to continue until the end.

Example: I can see through his charm; he’s not as nice as he appears.

Break through

Meaning: To overcome an obstacle or barrier.

Example: The research team finally broke through the technical limitations.

Come through

Meaning: To survive a difficult situation or to provide promised assistance.

Example: Whenever I needed help, she always came through for me.

Follow through

Meaning: To complete an action or process that was started.

Example: It’s important to follow through with your commitments.

Live through

Meaning: To survive or endure an event or period.

Example: He lived through some of the most significant events of the last century.

Look through

Meaning: To examine or review something, typically documents or a collection.

Example: She looked through the files to find the document she needed.

Pass through

Meaning: To travel across or through a place.

Example: The new highway passes through several small towns.

Pull through

Meaning: To recover from a serious illness or to overcome a difficult situation.

Example: His determination helped him pull through the toughest times.

Push through

Meaning: To continue with effort despite difficulties.

Example: Despite the challenges, we pushed through and finished the project.

Sift through

Meaning: To examine thoroughly to find something specific.

Example: We had to sift through piles of data to find the error.

Think through

Meaning: To consider all aspects of a situation or problem carefully.

Example: You should think through all the implications before you decide.

Work through

Meaning: To deal with, manage, or overcome a problem or emotion.

Example: We need to work through these issues together.

Plow through

Meaning: To progress laboriously through something challenging.

Example: He plowed through the thick snow to clear the path.

Browse through

Meaning: To look at casually, typically referring to books or goods.

Example: She browsed through the magazine while waiting for her appointment.

Wade through

Meaning: To proceed with difficulty, as through dense material or a complex topic.

Example: I’m currently wading through the legal documents.

Fight through

Meaning: To continue to fight despite difficulties.

Example: She fought through the fatigue and completed the marathon.

Phrasal Verbs with Through

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