Phrasal Verbs with Walk

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Phrasal verbs enhance the expressive power of English, offering nuanced ways to describe simple actions. Thosebased on the verb “walk” are particularly useful in everyday language, providing a range of meanings from literal walking to more figurative uses, like leaving or entering situations. Mastering these phrases can add clarity and depth to your descriptions of movement and actions in various contexts.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Walk:

  1. Walk away
  2. Walk back
  3. Walk in
  4. Walk out
  5. Walk up
  6. Walk down
  7. Walk off
  8. Walk through
  9. Walk over
  10. Walk on
  11. Walk into
  12. Walk onto
  13. Walk out on
  14. Walk around
  15. Walk along
  16. Walk across
  17. Walk past
  18. Walk off with
  19. Walk up to
  20. Walk through with

Phrasal Verbs With Walk And Their Meanings

Walk past

Meaning: To walk by something without stopping.

Example: He walked past her without a word.

Walk away

Meaning: To leave a situation, often to avoid a problem or conflict.

Example: After the argument, he just walked away.

Walk back

Meaning: To retract or withdraw a statement or opinion.

Example: She had to walk back her comments after the backlash.

Walk in

Meaning: To enter a place, often without an appointment.

Example: He walked in and immediately noticed the silence.

Walk out

Meaning: To leave abruptly, especially to show disapproval.

Example: Half the audience walked out during the performance.

Walk up

Meaning: To approach something or someone by walking.

Example: She walked up to the podium confidently.

Walk down

Meaning: To walk along a descending path.

Example: We walked down the hill enjoying the sunset.

Walk off

Meaning: To leave by walking, especially to relieve anger or stress.

Example: He decided to walk off his frustration in the park.

Walk through

Meaning: To rehearse or review something step by step.

Example: Let’s walk through the plans one more time.

Walk over

Meaning: To treat someone as if they are unimportant.

Example: He’s always letting people walk over him.

Walk on

Meaning: To continue walking; to tread on something.

Example: She just walked on as if nothing had happened.

Walk into

Meaning: To enter a situation or place, often unexpectedly into trouble.

Example: He walked into a mess at the office today.

Walk onto

Meaning: To enter or join a large area or scene.

Example: She walked onto the stage to applause.

Walk out on

Meaning: To abandon someone or something.

Example: He walked out on his job without giving notice.

Walk around

Meaning: To walk without a specific goal; to roam.

Example: We spent the evening walking around downtown.

Walk along

Meaning: To walk on a path or route.

Example: We walked along the beach holding hands.

Walk across

Meaning: To cross something by walking.

Example: She walked across the bridge despite her fear of heights.

Walk off with

Meaning: To steal or take something casually.

Example: Someone walked off with my umbrella.

Walk up to

Meaning: To approach someone or something by walking.

Example: A stranger walked up to me and asked for directions.

Walk through with

Meaning: To guide someone through a process or a place.

Example: I’ll walk you through with the setup of the device.

Phrasal Verbs with Walk

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