Phrasal Verbs with Wash

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Phrasal verbs with “wash” offer unique and practical expressions that enhance the English language, especially in conversations related to cleaning, dealing with problems, or managing emotions. Understanding how to use these phrases can improve your ability to communicate actions and responses effectively in daily life, from literal cleaning tasks to metaphorical expressions of clearing away troubles or concerns.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Wash:

  1. Wash away
  2. Wash down
  3. Wash off
  4. Wash out
  5. Wash up
  6. Wash over
  7. Wash back
  8. Wash out for
  9. Wash across
  10. Wash through
  11. Wash around
  12. Wash from
  13. Wash into
  14. Wash onto
  15. Wash up on
  16. Wash against
  17. Wash beside
  18. Wash past
  19. Wash along
  20. Wash under

Phrasal Verbs With Wash And Their Meanings

Wash against

Meaning: To flow and hit against repeatedly.

Example: Waves washed against the side of the boat all night.

Wash over

Meaning: To overwhelm emotionally.

Example: A feeling of calm washed over her as she listened to the music.

Wash away

Meaning: To remove or carry off by the action of water.

Example: The floodwaters washed away the road.

Wash down

Meaning: To clean or rinse by using water or other liquid.

Example: He washed down the walls before painting them.

Wash off

Meaning: To remove dirt or markings by washing.

Example: She managed to wash off the stain from her shirt.

Wash out

Meaning: To be removed by washing; also, to cancel due to bad weather.

Example: The picnic was washed out by the sudden rainstorm.

Wash up

Meaning: To clean the hands or face; also, to wash dishes.

Example: Wash up before dinner, please.

Wash back

Meaning: To flow back after hitting an obstacle.

Example: The waves washed back from the rocks.

Wash out for

Meaning: To be cautious or watchful of potential problems.

Example: Wash out for slippery surfaces after the storm.

Wash across

Meaning: To move across a surface while cleaning or covering.

Example: The first light of dawn washed across the landscape.

Wash through

Meaning: To penetrate or permeate with a washing effect.

Example: The rain washed through the leaky roof.

Wash around

Meaning: To clean or move around an area with water.

Example: Water washed around the ankles of the pedestrians.

Wash from

Meaning: To cleanse something from a specific item or surface.

Example: He struggled to wash the paint from his clothes.

Wash into

Meaning: To flow or push something into a place with water.

Example: The storm surge washed debris into the streets.

Wash onto

Meaning: To move something onto a shore or bank by the action of water.

Example: Seaweed was washed onto the beach by the tide.

Wash up on

Meaning: To be carried to shore by water.

Example: Driftwood and plastic waste wash up on the shoreline frequently.

Wash beside

Meaning: To flow or exist next to something.

Example: The river washed beside the ancient walls of the city.

Wash past

Meaning: To move past something while typically carrying something away.

Example: The floodwaters washed past the village, carrying debris with it.

Wash along

Meaning: To clean or move along a pathway.

Example: They used hoses to wash along the streets after the parade.

Wash under

Meaning: To flow or wash beneath something.

Example: Water washed under the door during the heavy rain.

Phrasal Verbs with Wash

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