Phrasal Verbs with Wind

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Phrasal verbs involving the word “wind” are expressive tools in the English language, offering a way to discuss actions related to movement, direction, and completion in various contexts. The word “wind” itself suggests notions of turning, twisting, or circling, which are metaphorically extended in these phrasal verbs. Knowing how to use these phrases can make your conversations and writings more vivid and accurate.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Wind:

  1. Wind down
  2. Wind up
  3. Wind around
  4. Wind into
  5. Wind through
  6. Wind back
  7. Wind out
  8. Wind on
  9. Wind off
  10. Wind along
  11. Wind out of
  12. Wind in
  13. Wind over
  14. Wind across
  15. Wind past
  16. Wind between
  17. Wind out from
  18. Wind up at
  19. Wind about
  20. Wind towards

Phrasal Verbs With Wind And Their Meanings

Wind about

Meaning: To twist or coil around something.

Example: The vines wind about the old fence.

Wind out

Meaning: To extend or unwind something.

Example: He wound out the rope to the full length.

Wind down

Meaning: To gradually relax after a period of excitement or stress.

Example: After a hectic week, we’ll wind down with a quiet movie night.

Wind up

Meaning: To end up in a specific state or situation; also to tighten a spring mechanism.

Example: They wound up going to a different restaurant after all.

Wind around

Meaning: To follow a route that twists and turns.

Example: The path winds around the lake beautifully.

Wind into

Meaning: To twist or coil something into a particular shape or place.

Example: She wound the yarn into a neat ball.

Wind through

Meaning: To make one’s way through a narrow or complex area.

Example: The river winds through the dense forest.

Wind back

Meaning: To turn back to an earlier condition or to rewind.

Example: Can you wind the video back to the start?

Wind on

Meaning: To move something forward or to advance.

Example: Wind on the tape to the next song.

Wind off

Meaning: To unwind or remove by turning.

Example: Wind off the thread from the spool.

Wind along

Meaning: To follow a curving path.

Example: The road winds along the coast.

Wind out of

Meaning: To escape or extricate oneself from a situation.

Example: She managed to wind out of the commitment.

Wind in

Meaning: To reel something in by winding.

Example: Wind in the fishing line slowly.

Wind over

Meaning: To change direction or position by turning.

Example: The plane had to wind over due to turbulence.

Wind across

Meaning: To go across something while winding or meandering.

Example: The trail winds across the national park.

Wind past

Meaning: To pass something by following a winding route.

Example: The stream winds past the village.

Wind between

Meaning: To navigate through narrow spaces.

Example: The alley winds between tall buildings.

Wind out from

Meaning: To emerge by winding or twisting from a place.

Example: The path winds out from the woods into the open field.

Wind up at

Meaning: To eventually reach a place, typically unexpectedly.

Example: After all the detours, we wound up at the scenic overlook.

Wind towards

Meaning: To head in a direction with twists and turns.

Example: The path winds towards the mountaintop.

Phrasal Verbs with Wind

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