Phrasal Verbs with Wipe

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Phrasal verbs enhance our ability to describe actions and states in English, giving depth and variety to our expressions. When combined with “wipe,” these phrasal verbs often relate to cleaning, removing, or eliminating something, whether literal or figurative. Mastering these phrases can significantly improve your conversational skills, allowing you to express actions with clarity and precision.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Wipe:

  1. Wipe away
  2. Wipe off
  3. Wipe up
  4. Wipe down
  5. Wipe out
  6. Wipe clean
  7. Wipe over
  8. Wipe on
  9. Wipe from
  10. Wipe back
  11. Wipe clear
  12. Wipe aside
  13. Wipe through
  14. Wipe around
  15. Wipe along
  16. Wipe at
  17. Wipe into
  18. Wipe across
  19. Wipe past
  20. Wipe under

Phrasal Verbs With Wipe And Their Meanings

Wipe on

Meaning: To apply a layer of something by rubbing.

Example: She wiped the cream on her face gently.

Wipe away

Meaning: To remove completely, often used for tears or marks.

Example: She wiped away her tears and smiled.

Wipe off

Meaning: To clean the surface of something by rubbing.

Example: He wiped off the dust from the old book.

Wipe up

Meaning: To clean or dry a liquid or mess.

Example: Please wipe up the spilled milk on the kitchen floor.

Wipe down

Meaning: To clean thoroughly, especially a large surface.

Example: Every night, we wipe down the counters in the restaurant.

Wipe out

Meaning: To destroy or remove completely.

Example: The virus nearly wiped out the entire population of the species.

Wipe clean

Meaning: To clean something so well that it looks new.

Example: He wiped the board clean after the meeting.

Wipe over

Meaning: To lightly clean or dust a surface.

Example: Can you wipe over the shelves while you dust the living room?

Wipe from

Meaning: To remove from a surface or memory.

Example: The events of that day were never wiped from his memory.

Wipe back

Meaning: To push something back by wiping.

Example: He wiped back his hair with his hands to clear his face.

Wipe clear

Meaning: To clean something to the point of transparency or clarity.

Example: Wipe the window clear so we can see outside.

Wipe aside

Meaning: To dismiss or ignore by or as if by wiping.

Example: She wiped aside their comments and continued her presentation.

Wipe through

Meaning: To make a thorough or forceful wiping motion.

Example: Wipe through the bowl with a cloth to ensure it’s clean.

Wipe around

Meaning: To clean around an object or area.

Example: He wiped around the sink to clean up the water spots.

Wipe along

Meaning: To clean along the length of something.

Example: Wipe along the railing as you go down the stairs.

Wipe at

Meaning: To attempt to clean or remove something by wiping.

Example: She kept wiping at the stain on her shirt, but it wouldn’t come out.

Wipe into

Meaning: To incorporate or blend by wiping.

Example: He wiped the seasoning into the meat before cooking it.

Wipe across

Meaning: To make a sweeping motion across a surface.

Example: She wiped across the table with a damp cloth.

Wipe past

Meaning: To clean or move past something by wiping.

Example: His hand wiped past the dusty shelf, leaving a clean streak.

Wipe under

Meaning: To clean beneath something.

Example: Don’t forget to wipe under the sofa when you’re vacuuming.


Phrasal Verbs with Wipe

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