Phrasal Verbs with Write

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Phrasal verbs are essential elements of English that make your speech and writing more natural and expressive. The verb “write” forms the basis of several phrasal verbs that enrich dialogue and text by describing various aspects of writing in a dynamic way. These phrasal verbs can convey different actions related to writing, such as starting, continuing, finishing, or modifying texts, making them indispensable for fluent English communication.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Write:

  1. Write down
  2. Write up
  3. Write off
  4. Write in
  5. Write out
  6. Write back
  7. Write into
  8. Write about
  9. Write against
  10. Write ahead
  11. Write along
  12. Write around
  13. Write for
  14. Write through
  15. Write to
  16. Write under
  17. Write up to
  18. Write with
  19. Write out of
  20. Write onto

Phrasal Verbs With Write And Their Meanings

Write through

Meaning: To write continuously or to completion.

Example: She wrote through the night to finish her thesis.

Write down

Meaning: To record something on paper.

Example: Please write down your phone number before you leave.

Write up

Meaning: To create a detailed document.

Example: He was asked to write up his findings in a detailed report.

Write off

Meaning: To dismiss something as unimportant or a failure.

Example: The project was a disaster, so they decided to write it off.

Write in

Meaning: To add information or an entry in a document.

Example: You can write in your answers in the spaces provided.

Write out

Meaning: To write something in full or detail.

Example: She wrote out the instructions to avoid any confusion.

Write back

Meaning: To reply to a letter or message.

Example: Don’t forget to write back as soon as you can.

Write into

Meaning: To include in writing.

Example: The clause was written into the contract at the last minute.

Write about

Meaning: To cover a topic in writing.

Example: She plans to write about her experiences abroad.

Write against

Meaning: To oppose in writing.

Example: He wrote against the proposed changes in his article.

Write ahead

Meaning: To write something in advance.

Example: I’ll write ahead so I’m prepared for next week’s meeting.

Write along

Meaning: To write as part of a group or while something else is happening.

Example: We will write along as we discuss the points.

Write around

Meaning: To write indirectly about a subject.

Example: She writes around the issue without ever addressing it directly.

Write for

Meaning: To produce writing for a particular audience or purpose.

Example: He writes for a well-known technology blog.

Write to

Meaning: To compose a letter or message to someone.

Example: I will write to him about the changes.

Write under

Meaning: To write using a pseudonym or alias.

Example: She writes under a pen name to keep her identity secret.

Write up to

Meaning: To write to someone until reaching a certain point or time.

Example: He promised to write up to the date of his departure.

Write with

Meaning: To write using specific tools or materials.

Example: He prefers to write with a fountain pen.

Write out of

Meaning: To eliminate or exclude through writing.

Example: They wrote him out of the will after the dispute.

Write onto

Meaning: To add information by writing to an existing document or medium.

Example: You can write your observations onto the existing map.

Phrasal Verbs with Write

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