70 Compound Adjectives in English

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In the English language, compound adjectives are an essential tool that adds clarity and detail to descriptions. This blog post explores the concept of compound adjectives, providing a comprehensive list of 70 examples along with sentences that demonstrate their usage.

What are Compound Adjectives?

Compound adjectives are adjectives that consist of two or more words joined together to modify a noun, expressing a single concept. These words are often connected by hyphens to form a unified descriptor that enhances the meaning of the noun they accompany.

Commonly used in both spoken and written English, compound adjectives can greatly enrich language by providing specific details succinctly.

List of Compound Adjectives

Here are some compound adjectives with example sentences.

  1. Long-lasting – This long-lasting battery keeps your phone active for days.
  2. High-quality – They sell high-quality furniture at that store.
  3. Well-known – She is a well-known author in the mystery genre.
  4. Short-term – We need a short-term solution to address this issue.
  5. Fast-paced – The movie was exciting and fast-paced.
  6. Full-time – He recently got a full-time job at the bank.
  7. Cold-hearted – The villain in the story was cruel and cold-hearted.
  8. Hard-working – Everyone admires her for being so hard-working.
  9. Middle-aged – A middle-aged man helped me find my way.
  10. French-speaking – The conference attracted many French-speaking participants.
  11. Old-fashioned – She prefers old-fashioned clothes over modern ones.
  12. Best-selling – His latest book became a best-selling novel.
  13. Bitter-sweet – The ending of the film was truly bitter-sweet.
  14. Low-income – Many low-income families struggle to make ends meet.
  15. Open-minded – Being open-minded helps you learn new things.
  16. Time-consuming – Fixing cars can be a very time-consuming hobby.
  17. Eye-catching – The poster was bright and eye-catching.
  18. Far-reaching – The new law has far-reaching consequences.
  19. Light-hearted – We watched a light-hearted comedy last night.
  20. Soft-spoken – The teacher’s soft-spoken voice was very calming.
  21. Well-equipped – This gym is well-equipped with modern machines.
  22. Short-lived – Their happiness was short-lived after hearing the news.
  23. Heart-warming – It was a heart-warming story about kindness.
  24. Cost-effective – Using solar panels is a cost-effective solution.
  25. Tight-knit – We belong to a tight-knit community.
  26. Self-centered – Avoid those who are too self-centered.
  27. High-speed – The high-speed train saves a lot of time.
  28. Long-term – She has long-term goals for her career.
  29. Ice-cold – He handed me an ice-cold drink.
  30. World-famous – That restaurant is world-famous for its pizza.
  31. Wind-swept – The wind-swept beaches are beautiful but desolate.
  32. Quick-thinking – His quick-thinking saved the day.
  33. Warm-hearted – She’s known to be very warm-hearted and generous.
  34. Ill-fated – It was an ill-fated expedition to the mountains.
  35. English-speaking – Many English-speaking tourists visit the area.
  36. Heavy-duty – They use heavy-duty equipment for construction.
  37. Poorly-lit – The poorly-lit room made reading difficult.
  38. Good-looking – He’s quite good-looking and smart.
  39. Well-dressed – She was very well-dressed at the party.
  40. Richly-decorated – The hall was richly-decorated for the wedding.
  41. Sugar-free – This sugar-free cake is surprisingly delicious.
  42. Narrow-minded – Avoid becoming too narrow-minded in your views.
  43. Left-handed – She bought a special set of tools for left-handed people.
  44. Bad-tempered – He’s known to be a bad-tempered boss.
  45. Strong-willed – Her strong-willed nature helps her face challenges.
  46. Far-off – We could see the far-off mountains from our window.
  47. Dry-cleaned – My suit needs to be dry-cleaned before the event.
  48. Blue-eyed – The blue-eyed boy won the staring contest.
  49. Hand-painted – The vase is valuable because it’s hand-painted.
  50. Child-friendly – This restaurant is very child-friendly.
  51. Well-behaved – Her children are always so well-behaved.
  52. Self-sufficient – They live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the countryside.
  53. All-inclusive – We booked an all-inclusive resort for our vacation.
  54. Broad-minded – It’s great to be broad-minded and accepting.
  55. Deep-seated – He has some deep-seated beliefs about work.
  56. Long-distance – She’s in a long-distance relationship.
  57. Quick-witted – His quick-witted responses impressed everyone.
  58. Well-made – This furniture is very sturdy and well-made.
  59. Free-range – We only buy free-range eggs.
  60. Self-assured – He is a confident and self-assured speaker.
  61. Newly-married – The newly-married couple moved next door.
  62. Single-minded – He is single-minded about his career goals.
  63. Three-hour – We have a three-hour layover in London.
  64. Hard-fought – It was a hard-fought victory for the team.
  65. Man-made – This lake is actually a man-made feature.
  66. Up-to-date – His blog is always up-to-date with the latest news.
  67. Four-wheel – They decided to buy a four-wheel drive SUV.
  68. Self-made – He is a self-made millionaire.
  69. User-friendly – This software is very user-friendly.
  70. Mild-mannered – The mild-mannered man rarely raised his voice.

Compound Adjectives

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