20 English Expressions With “BE”

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In this blog post, we will explore 20 common expressions that include the word “be.” Each expression will be defined briefly, followed by an example sentence to help you understand its usage.

1. Be on time

Meaning: Arrive punctually.
Example: Please be on time for the meeting.

2. Be yourself

Meaning: Act naturally.
Example: Just be yourself during the interview.

3. Be careful

Meaning: Take care.
Example: Be careful with that fragile vase.

4. Be quiet

Meaning: Stay silent.
Example: Please be quiet during the movie.

5. Be happy

Meaning: Feel joy.
Example: Be happy with what you have.

6. Be patient

Meaning: Wait calmly.
Example: Be patient while waiting in line.

7. Be honest

Meaning: Tell the truth.
Example: Always be honest with your friends.

8. Be kind

Meaning: Show kindness.
Example: Be kind to everyone you meet.

9. Be strong

Meaning: Stay resilient.
Example: Be strong during difficult times.

10. Be aware

Meaning: Stay conscious.
Example: Be aware of your surroundings.

11. Be prepared

Meaning: Stay ready.
Example: Always be prepared for emergencies.

12. Be careful what you wish for

Meaning: Wishes can have consequences.
Example: Be careful what you wish for; it might come true.

13. Be responsible

Meaning: Act responsibly.
Example: Be responsible with your tasks at work.

14. Be grateful

Meaning: Show gratitude.
Example: Be grateful for what you have.

15. Be positive

Meaning: Think positively.
Example: Always be positive about your future.

16. Be curious

Meaning: Show curiosity.
Example: Be curious and ask questions in class.

17. Be confident

Meaning: Show self-assurance.
Example: Be confident during your presentation.

18. Be proactive

Meaning: Act in advance.
Example: Be proactive in solving problems early.

19. Be flexible

Meaning: Adapt easily.
Example: Be flexible with your plans today.

20. Be respectful

Meaning: Show respect.
Example: Always be respectful to others’ opinions.

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