20 Expressions With the Verb “Stand”

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Understanding various expressions with the verb “stand” can enhance your English vocabulary and communication skills. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs using “stand,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Stand by

Meaning: Support someone.
Example: She will always stand by you.

2. Stand up

Meaning: Rise to feet.
Example: Please stand up for the pledge.

3. Stand out

Meaning: Be noticeable.
Example: Her red dress makes her stand out.

4. Stand for

Meaning: Represent or symbolize.
Example: The letters U.S.A stand for United States of America.

5. Stand in

Meaning: Substitute temporarily.
Example: I will stand in for him.

6. Stand down

Meaning: Withdraw or resign.
Example: The general decided to stand down.

7. Stand up for

Meaning: Defend or support.
Example: Always stand up for your rights.

8. Stand up to

Meaning: Resist or confront.
Example: She stood up to the bully.

9. Stand around

Meaning: Loiter or wait idly.
Example: Don’t just stand around; help us!

10. Stand aside

Meaning: Move to one side.
Example: Stand aside and let them pass.

11. Stand over

Meaning: Supervise closely.
Example: The manager stood over the employees.

12. Stand back

Meaning: Move away.
Example: Stand back from the fire.

13. Stand against

Meaning: Oppose or resist.
Example: We must stand against injustice.

14. Stand for

Meaning: Tolerate or endure.
Example: I won’t stand for cheating.

15. Stand in for

Meaning: Act as a substitute.
Example: He stood in for the absent teacher.

16. Stand by for

Meaning: Wait and be ready.
Example: Stand by for further instructions.

17. Stand off

Meaning: Stay at a distance.
Example: The police stood off from the crowd.

18. Stand to

Meaning: Adhere to promises.
Example: He stood to his commitments.

19. Stand over someone

Meaning: Supervise or control.
Example: He stood over his subordinates.

20. Stand up to something

Meaning: Endure or withstand.
Example: This material stands up to heat.

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Expressions With the Verb Stand

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