Phrasal Verbs with Stand

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Phrasal verbs that incorporate the word “stand” add depth and versatility to English language expression. These phrases are widely used in daily conversation, enhancing descriptions of positions, actions, and reactions. From standing up in a literal sense to taking a stand on issues metaphorically, mastering these phrasal verbs can greatly improve your ability to articulate various stances and actions clearly and effectively.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Stand:

  1. Stand aside
  2. Stand back
  3. Stand by
  4. Stand down
  5. Stand for
  6. Stand in
  7. Stand out
  8. Stand up
  9. Stand off
  10. Stand against
  11. Stand around
  12. Stand before
  13. Stand between
  14. Stand beyond
  15. Stand from
  16. Stand into
  17. Stand over
  18. Stand through
  19. Stand to
  20. Stand under

Phrasal Verbs With Stand And Their Meanings

Stand to

Meaning: To benefit or gain from a situation.

Example: There’s much to stand to if we invest wisely.

Stand by

Meaning: To support; to be ready for action.

Example: I will always stand by you in times of need.

Stand aside

Meaning: To move to one side; to withdraw from involvement.

Example: He stood aside to let her pass.

Stand back

Meaning: To move a few steps backwards; to take a detached viewpoint.

Example: Stand back and look at the painting from a distance.

Stand down

Meaning: To resign from a position; to relax or step back in a situation.

Example: The chairman was asked to stand down after the scandal.

Stand for

Meaning: To represent or tolerate.

Example: What does this symbol stand for?

Stand in

Meaning: To substitute for someone.

Example: She had to stand in for her boss at the meeting.

Stand out

Meaning: To be noticeable or outstanding.

Example: His talent really stands out in the crowd.

Stand up

Meaning: To rise to an upright position; to fail to meet someone as planned.

Example: She stood up to greet them.

Stand off

Meaning: To maintain a distance; a deadlock.

Example: The two sides are at a stand-off in negotiations.

Stand against

Meaning: To oppose.

Example: It’s time to stand against injustice.

Stand around

Meaning: To loiter or wait idly.

Example: Why are we standing around? Let’s do something.

Stand before

Meaning: To be positioned in front of; to be under consideration or judgment.

Example: The case stands before the court next week.

Stand between

Meaning: To be a barrier or mediator.

Example: Don’t let arguments stand between you and your friend.

Stand beyond

Meaning: To exceed or go beyond.

Example: His patience stands beyond what is normal.

Stand from

Meaning: To maintain a distance from.

Example: She decided to stand from the conversation.

Stand into

Meaning: To move into a position or situation.

Example: The ship stood into the harbor at dawn.

Stand over

Meaning: To supervise closely.

Example: I don’t like it when my boss stands over my shoulder while I work.

Stand through

Meaning: To endure an event until it ends.

Example: They stood through the long meeting without a break.

Stand under

Meaning: To be under the effect or impact of something.

Example: We all stand under the same laws.

Phrasal Verbs with Stand

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