Phrasal Verbs with Shake

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Phrasal verbs are a fun and useful part of learning English. They combine a verb with a preposition or adverb, changing the meaning in interesting ways. The verb “shake” is commonly used in phrasal verbs, and learning these can help you sound more like a native speaker. They are great for everyday conversation and can add more emotion or detail to what you’re saying. Let’s explore some common phrasal verbs that include the word “shake.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Shake:

  1. Shake up
  2. Shake down
  3. Shake off
  4. Shake out
  5. Shake on
  6. Shake apart
  7. Shake away
  8. Shake back
  9. Shake over
  10. Shake into
  11. Shake through
  12. Shake along
  13. Shake up to
  14. Shake by
  15. Shake out of
  16. Shake across
  17. Shake from
  18. Shake to
  19. Shake under
  20. Shake towards

Phrasal Verbs With Shake And Their Meanings

Shake over

Meaning: To scatter or sprinkle by shaking.

Example: Shake some salt over the fries before serving.

Shake up

Meaning: To upset or disturb a routine or the status quo.

Example: The new manager really shook things up in the office.

Shake down

Meaning: To extort money from someone; also a thorough search of a person or place.

Example: The detectives gave the suspect’s car a good shake down.

Shake off

Meaning: To get rid of something, like an illness or a feeling.

Example: He managed to shake off the cold that had been bothering him.

Shake out

Meaning: To unfold or extend something; also to become clear over time.

Example: Let’s see how things shake out after the new policies are implemented.

Shake on

Meaning: To agree on something and seal the agreement with a handshake.

Example: We shook on the deal, and that made it official.

Shake apart

Meaning: To break into pieces from shaking.

Example: The old engine nearly shook apart from all the vibration.

Shake away

Meaning: To remove or dispel by physical movement or activity.

Example: She tried to shake away the feeling of anxiety with a brisk walk.

Shake back

Meaning: To move something back to its original place by shaking.

Example: He shook back the rug to its place after cleaning it.

Shake into

Meaning: To cause to move into a desired state or position by shaking.

Example: He shook the pillow into its cover.

Shake through

Meaning: To finish or continue despite difficulties.

Example: She shook through her fears and delivered an excellent presentation.

Shake along

Meaning: To progress or move forward with something.

Example: The project is shaking along, albeit slower than we hoped.

Shake up to

Meaning: To approach or reach a certain point or condition.

Example: He finally shook up to the reality of his situation.

Shake by

Meaning: To pass by something rapidly or vigorously.

Example: The car shook by the bystanders at high speed.

Shake out of

Meaning: To bring someone out of a state by shaking.

Example: He needed a strong cup of coffee to shake him out of his morning grogginess.

Shake across

Meaning: To move or convey something across by shaking.

Example: They shook the dust across the room as they cleaned.

Shake from

Meaning: To remove something from an object by shaking.

Example: He shook the snow from his boots.

Shake to

Meaning: To shake in order to reach or attain something.

Example: They shook the branches to make the fruits fall.

Shake under

Meaning: To tremble or vibrate beneath something.

Example: The table shook under the weight of the heavy books.

Shake towards

Meaning: To direct or move something towards by shaking.

Example: He shook the bottle towards the sink to get out the last few drops.

Phrasal Verbs with Shake

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