Phrasal Verbs with Shut

Phrasal verbs are like little keys that unlock the full potential of English conversation, making it richer and more colorful. The word “shut” forms the base of several useful phrasal verbs. These expressions are straightforward but very powerful in conveying actions that involve closing, stopping, or ending something. Whether you’re talking about doors, computers, or even personal habits, learning these phrases will help you communicate more clearly and effectively.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Shut:

  1. Shut down
  2. Shut off
  3. Shut out
  4. Shut up
  5. Shut away
  6. Shut in
  7. Shut over
  8. Shut back
  9. Shut from
  10. Shut into
  11. Shut on
  12. Shut out of
  13. Shut up in
  14. Shut alongside
  15. Shut around
  16. Shut through
  17. Shut along
  18. Shut before
  19. Shut behind
  20. Shut upon

Phrasal Verbs With Shut And Their Meanings

Shut upon

Meaning: To close upon something firmly.

Example: The jaws of the trap shut upon the branch.

Shut down

Meaning: To turn off; cease operations.

Example: The factory will shut down for the holidays.

Shut off

Meaning: To stop the flow or operation of something.

Example: Don’t forget to shut off the water before you fix the pipes.

Shut out

Meaning: To prevent from entering.

Example: He felt shut out of the group’s activities.

Shut up

Meaning: To stop talking; to close something securely.

Example: She told the noisy crowd to shut up.

Shut away

Meaning: To isolate or keep hidden.

Example: He shut away all his old letters in a drawer.

Shut in

Meaning: To confine, not able to leave.

Example: The storm left us shut in all weekend.

Shut over

Meaning: To cover or close with a movement.

Example: Please shut over the lid before the rain starts.

Shut back

Meaning: To return something to a closed position.

Example: She shut back the drawer after taking what she needed.

Shut from

Meaning: To hide or block from view.

Example: The curtains were drawn to shut from view.

Shut into

Meaning: To confine within a space.

Example: The cat was shut into the laundry room.

Shut on

Meaning: To close something on something else.

Example: The door shut on his finger accidentally.

Shut out of

Meaning: To exclude from participation.

Example: He was shut out of the decision-making process.

Shut up in

Meaning: To confine someone in a place.

Example: The treasures were shut up in a vault.

Shut alongside

Meaning: To close something alongside another object.

Example: The gates were shut alongside each other to reinforce the fence.

Shut around

Meaning: To enclose something around another thing.

Example: She shut the blanket around the child.

Shut through

Meaning: To pass and close something behind.

Example: They shut the door through which they had entered.

Shut along

Meaning: To move something to close along its path.

Example: He shut the windows along the front of the house.

Shut before

Meaning: To close something before something else occurs.

Example: Shut the doors before the storm hits.

Shut behind

Meaning: To close something and leave it behind.

Example: She shut the gate behind her as she left.

Phrasal Verbs with Shut

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