Phrasal Verbs with Settle

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Phrasal verbs are a key part of learning English, making conversations more colorful and expressive. Today, we’re going to explore phrasal verbs that include the word “settle.” These phrases often involve resolving something, becoming comfortable, or establishing something more permanently. Understanding how to use these can help you communicate more effectively and naturally in everyday situations.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Settle:

  1. Settle down
  2. Settle in
  3. Settle for
  4. Settle up
  5. Settle on
  6. Settle back
  7. Settle into
  8. Settle with
  9. Settle out
  10. Settle over
  11. Settle ahead
  12. Settle among
  13. Settle aside
  14. Settle away
  15. Settle beyond
  16. Settle down to
  17. Settle through
  18. Settle up with
  19. Settle upon
  20. Settle around

Phrasal Verbs With Settle And Their Meanings

Settle up

Meaning: To pay a debt or settle accounts.

Example: Let’s settle up before we leave the restaurant.

Settle upon

Meaning: To decide on or choose after consideration.

Example: They finally settled upon a theme for the party.

Settle down

Meaning: To become calm or stable in one’s life, often after a lot of changes or excitement.

Example: After years of traveling, he finally decided to settle down and buy a house.

Settle in

Meaning: To become comfortable in a new environment.

Example: It took a few weeks to settle in at her new job.

Settle for

Meaning: To accept something less than what was wanted.

Example: She didn’t want to settle for just any job; she wanted one that she loved.

Settle on

Meaning: To agree on a decision or choice.

Example: After much discussion, they finally settled on a date for the wedding.

Settle back

Meaning: To sit back comfortably; to relax.

Example: Settle back and enjoy the movie.

Settle into

Meaning: To become accustomed to a new situation or environment.

Example: She quickly settled into the routines of her new school.

Settle with

Meaning: To make an agreement or resolution with someone.

Example: He needs to settle with his business partner before starting the new venture.

Settle out

Meaning: To resolve something, especially legal or business disputes, outside of court.

Example: They decided to settle out of court to avoid the high costs of litigation.

Settle over

Meaning: To resolve disagreements or disputes.

Example: They managed to settle their differences over a cup of coffee.

Settle ahead

Meaning: To arrange or resolve things in advance.

Example: She likes to settle all her tasks ahead of the weekend.

Settle among

Meaning: To find a place or position within a group.

Example: He quickly settled among the new team members.

Settle aside

Meaning: To put something aside or to reserve it.

Example: Settle aside some time this weekend to go over the report.

Settle away

Meaning: To gradually disappear or dissipate.

Example: The fog settled away by mid-morning.

Settle beyond

Meaning: To go beyond an initial issue or point.

Example: They needed to settle beyond the basic terms to finalize the agreement.

Settle down to

Meaning: To begin to seriously focus on something.

Example: It’s time to settle down to studying for your exams.

Settle through

Meaning: To resolve or work through something thoroughly.

Example: They had to settle through complex negotiations.

Settle up with

Meaning: To resolve a financial transaction with someone.

Example: I need to settle up with John for the concert tickets.

Settle around

Meaning: To gather around or focus collectively on something.

Example: The children settled around the storyteller, eager to hear the tale.

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