Phrasal Verbs with Run

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Phrasal verbs that incorporate “run” are essential for fluent English communication, covering a spectrum of meanings from literal physical movement to metaphorical applications. These verbs are commonly used in daily conversation and can profoundly enhance clarity and expressiveness in both spoken and written language. Let’s explore some useful phrasal verbs that utilize “run.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Run:

  1. Run across
  2. Run after
  3. Run against
  4. Run along
  5. Run away
  6. Run by
  7. Run down
  8. Run in
  9. Run into
  10. Run off
  11. Run on
  12. Run out
  13. Run over
  14. Run past
  15. Run through
  16. Run to
  17. Run up
  18. Run upon
  19. Run with
  20. Run back

Phrasal Verbs With Run And Their Meanings

Run back

Meaning: To return quickly to a place.

Example: I need to run back home; I forgot my documents.

Run across

Meaning: To find something or someone by chance.

Example: I ran across an old friend at the café.

Run after

Meaning: To chase or pursue.

Example: He ran after the bus as it left the station.

Run against

Meaning: To compete against someone in a challenge or election.

Example: She decided to run against the incumbent mayor.

Run along

Meaning: To go away, often used when dismissing someone, especially children.

Example: It’s getting late, kids—run along now.

Run away

Meaning: To escape from a place or situation.

Example: The dog ran away from home last night but returned this morning.

Run by

Meaning: To propose an idea for someone’s opinion.

Example: Let me run this idea by you before the meeting.

Run down

Meaning: To criticize someone or something; to become depleted.

Example: He’s always running down his competitors.

Run in

Meaning: To arrest or take someone into custody.

Example: The suspect was run in last night.

Run into

Meaning: To meet someone unexpectedly; to encounter problems.

Example: I ran into your brother at the shopping mall.

Run off

Meaning: To drive away; to print or copy.

Example: He ran off copies of the report for everyone.

Run on

Meaning: To continue without stopping; used for machines or conversations.

Example: Her presentation ran on for nearly two hours.

Run out

Meaning: To exhaust a supply of something.

Example: We’ve run out of milk, so I’ll need to buy some.

Run over

Meaning: To exceed a planned time; to hit with a vehicle.

Example: The meeting ran over by thirty minutes.

Run past

Meaning: To go beyond something quickly.

Example: He ran past the finish line in record time.

Run through

Meaning: To rehearse; to rapidly explain or go over something.

Example: Let’s run through the agenda before everyone arrives.

Run to

Meaning: To amount to; to reach or extend.

Example: The repairs could run to thousands of dollars.

Run up

Meaning: To accumulate, especially a debt.

Example: She ran up a huge phone bill last month.

Run upon

Meaning: To encounter something, especially by chance.

Example: I ran upon a rare book I’ve been seeking for years.

Run with

Meaning: To accept an idea and proceed with it.

Example: He decided to run with the new marketing strategy.

Phrasal Verbs with Run

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