Phrasal Verbs with Set

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Phrasal verbs are a key part of English language, adding depth and variety to everyday communication. “Set” is a commonly used verb paired with prepositions to form phrasal verbs with diverse meanings. These phrases are handy in various situations, whether you’re speaking or writing. Understanding them can help you express yourself more clearly and effectively. Here’s a look at some of the most useful phrasal verbs featuring the word “set.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Set:

  1. Set about
  2. Set apart
  3. Set aside
  4. Set back
  5. Set down
  6. Set forth
  7. Set in
  8. Set off
  9. Set on
  10. Set out
  11. Set up
  12. Set upon
  13. Set against
  14. Set along
  15. Set around
  16. Set before
  17. Set beyond
  18. Set by
  19. Set to
  20. Set under

Phrasal Verbs With Set And Their Meanings

Set by

Meaning: To save or reserve for future use.

Example: She has set by enough money to secure her retirement.

Set about

Meaning: To start doing something with purpose.

Example: She set about cleaning the house early in the morning.

Set apart

Meaning: To distinguish; to make different or special.

Example: His dedication sets him apart from his peers.

Set aside

Meaning: To reserve something for a specific purpose.

Example: Set aside some time this weekend for a family outing.

Set back

Meaning: To cause a delay or a reversal in progress.

Example: The project was set back by unforeseen issues.

Set down

Meaning: To write or state officially; to put down.

Example: He set down the rules clearly at the beginning of the meeting.

Set forth

Meaning: To state or describe something in detail; to start a journey.

Example: The document sets forth the terms of the agreement.

Set in

Meaning: To begin and seem likely to continue.

Example: When the rain set in, we canceled our picnic.

Set off

Meaning: To start a journey; to cause to explode or react.

Example: They set off on their trip at dawn.

Set on

Meaning: To attack or to become determined.

Example: The dog was set on the intruder.

Set out

Meaning: To start an activity with a particular goal; to display.

Example: He set out to write a novel but ended up with a series of short stories.

Set up

Meaning: To establish or arrange.

Example: They set up a new branch of their business in the city.

Set upon

Meaning: To attack suddenly.

Example: The travelers were set upon by bandits.

Set against

Meaning: To oppose or be in conflict with.

Example: She was set against the idea from the start.

Set along

Meaning: To place or arrange along a path or area.

Example: Lanterns were set along the walkway for the evening event.

Set around

Meaning: To arrange items around a central point.

Example: She set flowers around the room to brighten it up.

Set before

Meaning: To present or offer for consideration.

Example: The committee set before him several options to consider.

Set beyond

Meaning: To place beyond a certain point or level.

Example: His ambition is set beyond mere financial success.

Set to

Meaning: To begin working energetically; to start a task.

Example: After the break, they set to work with renewed vigor.

Set under

Meaning: To place under authority or command.

Example: The new division is set under the control of the central office.

Phrasal Verbs with Set

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