Phrasal Verbs with Rip

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Phrasal verbs that incorporate the verb “rip” add a dynamic and forceful element to English expressions, often conveying actions of tearing or breaking apart, both in a literal and figurative sense. These verbs can dramatically enhance your language usage by providing vivid descriptions of actions that involve quick or violent separation or movement. Understanding them can be particularly useful in both everyday conversation and creative writing.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Rip:

  1. Rip apart
  2. Rip off
  3. Rip up
  4. Rip out
  5. Rip through
  6. Rip into
  7. Rip down
  8. Rip back
  9. Rip open
  10. Rip along
  11. Rip away
  12. Rip off of
  13. Rip out of
  14. Rip under
  15. Rip over
  16. Rip past
  17. Rip around
  18. Rip by
  19. Rip across
  20. Rip from

Phrasal Verbs With Rip And Their Meanings

Rip by

Meaning: To pass swiftly by.

Example: The days are ripping by this summer.

Rip up

Meaning: To tear something into small pieces.

Example: She ripped up the letter in frustration.

Rip apart

Meaning: To tear something into pieces; to cause a group or relationship to disintegrate.

Example: The review ripped apart the author’s argument.

Rip off

Meaning: To cheat, swindle, or overcharge.

Example: He felt like he was ripped off after paying too much for the car.

Rip out

Meaning: To remove something quickly and violently.

Example: He ripped out the old carpeting before laying down the new floor.

Rip through

Meaning: To move quickly and forcefully through something, causing damage or destruction.

Example: The tornado ripped through the town, leaving devastation in its wake.

Rip into

Meaning: To attack or criticize fiercely.

Example: The boss ripped into him for missing the deadline.

Rip down

Meaning: To tear something down from a higher place.

Example: They decided to rip down the old posters from the wall.

Rip back

Meaning: To move back quickly or to revert something forcefully.

Example: She ripped back the curtain to let in some light.

Rip open

Meaning: To tear something open forcefully.

Example: He ripped open the package as soon as it arrived.

Rip along

Meaning: To move at a high speed.

Example: The car ripped along the highway.

Rip away

Meaning: To tear off or remove with force.

Example: The wind ripped the roof tiles away.

Rip off of

Meaning: To detach by ripping from something larger.

Example: The sign was ripped off of its mount during the storm.

Rip out of

Meaning: To forcibly remove someone from a place or situation.

Example: The officer had to rip him out of the car.

Rip under

Meaning: To tear beneath the surface.

Example: The sharp rocks ripped under the fabric of his tent.

Rip over

Meaning: To cover or move across something quickly.

Example: She ripped over the details of the contract without noticing the error.

Rip past

Meaning: To move past something or someone very quickly.

Example: The motorcycle ripped past us on the street.

Rip around

Meaning: To move quickly around a place.

Example: The kids were ripping around the house playing tag.

Rip across

Meaning: To move or tear across an area or surface.

Example: The skier ripped across the fresh snow.

Rip from

Meaning: To forcibly take something from a place or person.

Example: The thief ripped the necklace from her hands.

Phrasal Verbs with Rip

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