Phrasal Verbs with Put

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Phrasal verbs with “put” are a staple in English, offering a rich variety of expressions that enhance both spoken and written communication. These verbs often convey actions related to positioning, affecting, or influencing objects, ideas, or situations. Grasping their meanings can greatly refine your language usage, making your expressions clearer and more precise.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Put:

  1. Put aside
  2. Put away
  3. Put down
  4. Put forward
  5. Put in
  6. Put off
  7. Put on
  8. Put out
  9. Put through
  10. Put up
  11. Put across
  12. Put back
  13. Put down to
  14. Put forth
  15. Put over
  16. Put past
  17. Put together
  18. Put towards
  19. Put under
  20. Put up with

Phrasal Verbs With Put And Their Meanings

Put under

Meaning: To subject someone to anesthesia.

Example: The patient was put under before the surgery.

Put aside

Meaning: To save or reserve for future use.

Example: She put aside some money for her vacation.

Put away

Meaning: To tidy up; to store something in its usual place.

Example: It’s time to put away your toys and get ready for bed.

Put down

Meaning: To insult or belittle someone; to write information.

Example: Please don’t put him down in front of others.

Put forward

Meaning: To propose or suggest something.

Example: He put forward a new idea during the meeting.

Put in

Meaning: To submit or make an official request.

Example: I need to put in a request for my vacation days.

Put off

Meaning: To delay or postpone something.

Example: We’ve had to put off our meeting until next week.

Put on

Meaning: To dress oneself; to pretend.

Example: She put on her coat and stepped outside.

Put out

Meaning: To extinguish something; to inconvenience someone.

Example: Could you put out the candles before we leave?

Put through

Meaning: To connect a phone call; to cause to undergo something.

Example: I’ll put you through to the manager.

Put up

Meaning: To provide accommodation; to construct or display.

Example: We put up a shelf in the living room.

Put across

Meaning: To communicate or convey an idea clearly.

Example: He put across his points very effectively during the debate.

Put back

Meaning: To return something to its original place.

Example: Please put back the books when you’re done reading.

Put down to

Meaning: To attribute something to a cause.

Example: She put her headaches down to working too much.

Put forth

Meaning: To propose, suggest, or bring to attention.

Example: The committee put forth several recommendations for change.

Put over

Meaning: To communicate an idea effectively.

Example: He managed to put over the concept despite the initial doubts.

Put past

Meaning: To believe someone capable of doing something, often negative.

Example: I wouldn’t put it past him to cheat in the exam.

Put together

Meaning: To assemble or organize.

Example: Let’s put together a team for the project.

Put towards

Meaning: To contribute money or effort towards something.

Example: She put a significant amount of money towards the new car.

Put up with

Meaning: To tolerate or endure.

Example: I don’t know how she puts up with his constant complaining.

Phrasal Verbs with Put

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