20 Expressions with “Keep” in English

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In English, the verb “keep” is incredibly versatile, forming numerous expressions that enrich our conversations. This blog post explores 20 common expressions using “keep,” offering insights into their meanings and usage. Perfect for English learners, this guide will help you understand and integrate these phrases into your everyday language.

Expressions with Keep

1. Keep up

Meaning: Continue at the same pace.

Example: “She couldn’t keep up.”

2. Keep away

Meaning: Avoid contact or proximity.

Example: “Keep away from the edge.”

3. Keep on

Meaning: Persist in doing something.

Example: “He keeps on trying.”

4. Keep off

Meaning: Avoid, refrain from using.

Example: “Keep off the grass.”

5. Keep out

Meaning: Not enter a place.

Example: “Keep out of the room.”

6. Keep down

Meaning: Suppress, prevent from increasing.

Example: “Keep the noise down.”

7. Keep back

Meaning: Maintain a distance.

Example: “Keep back from the fire.”

8. Keep under

Meaning: Control or subdue something.

Example: “Keep your anger under.”

9. Keep to

Meaning: Stick to a path or plan.

Example: “Keep to the right.”

10. Keep at

Meaning: Persistently work on something.

Example: “Keep at your homework.”

11. Keep in

Meaning: Retain, not express or let out.

Example: “Keep in your complaints.”

12. Keep apart

Meaning: Maintain distance between.

Example: “Keep the dogs apart.”

13. Keep around

Meaning: Maintain nearby; not discard.

Example: “Keep your friends around.”

14. Keep up with

Meaning: Stay at the same level.

Example: “Keep up with the news.”

15. Keep going

Meaning: Continue moving or working.

Example: “Just keep going forward.”

16. Keep to oneself

Meaning: Avoid socializing with others.

Example: “She keeps to herself.”

17. Keep track of

Meaning: Maintain awareness of something.

Example: “Keep track of the keys.”

18. Keep in touch

Meaning: Maintain communication.

Example: “Let’s keep in touch.”

19. Keep in check

Meaning: Control, limit growth or expression.

Example: “Keep emotions in check.”

20. Keep in mind

Meaning: Remember, consider.

Example: “Keep that in mind.”

Expressions with Keep

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