Phrasal Verbs with Pull

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Phrasal verbs using “pull” provide a wide range of expressions that are integral to everyday English conversation. These verbs often imply a literal or figurative action of drawing or moving something towards oneself, but their meanings can extend much further, affecting various contexts from physical actions to metaphorical uses. Enhancing your understanding of these can greatly improve both spoken and written communication.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Pull:

  1. Pull apart
  2. Pull away
  3. Pull back
  4. Pull down
  5. Pull in
  6. Pull off
  7. Pull on
  8. Pull out
  9. Pull over
  10. Pull through
  11. Pull together
  12. Pull up
  13. Pull ahead
  14. Pull against
  15. Pull for
  16. Pull into
  17. Pull round
  18. Pull towards
  19. Pull under
  20. Pull upon

Phrasal Verbs With Pull And Their Meanings

Pull apart

Meaning: To separate forcefully or criticize harshly.

Example: The critics pulled apart his latest work.

Pull against

Meaning: To resist or struggle against.

Example: It feels like I’m always pulling against the current.

Pull away

Meaning: To start moving or withdraw.

Example: The train slowly pulled away from the station.

Pull back

Meaning: To withdraw or retreat.

Example: She pulled back when she realized the commitment involved.

Pull down

Meaning: To demolish something or to lower.

Example: They are going to pull down the old building next week.

Pull in

Meaning: To arrive at a destination; also to attract.

Example: His new book is pulling in a lot of attention.

Pull off

Meaning: To succeed in doing something difficult.

Example: It was amazing how he pulled off that deal.

Pull on

Meaning: To put on clothing quickly.

Example: Pull on your shoes; we’re late!

Pull out

Meaning: To withdraw from a place or commitment.

Example: After reconsideration, he decided to pull out of the race.

Pull over

Meaning: To stop by the side of the road.

Example: The police officer signaled to pull over.

Pull through

Meaning: To recover from a serious illness or overcome a difficult situation.

Example: Everyone was relieved when he pulled through after the surgery.

Pull together

Meaning: To work cooperatively.

Example: We need to pull together to get this project done on time.

Pull up

Meaning: To stop a vehicle; to bring up a topic.

Example: She pulled up outside the house.

Pull ahead

Meaning: To move forward or advance, especially in a competition.

Example: He pulled ahead in the last lap of the race.

Pull for

Meaning: To support or root for someone.

Example: The whole town is pulling for the local team.

Pull into

Meaning: To arrive at a place, especially while driving.

Example: We pulled into the driveway just as it started to rain.

Pull round

Meaning: To bring a vehicle around to a different direction; to recover.

Example: Can you pull the car round to the front?

Pull towards

Meaning: To feel attracted to something or someone.

Example: He felt himself pulling towards the new job opportunity.

Pull under

Meaning: To bring someone into a difficult or unfortunate situation.

Example: Financial troubles nearly pulled him under.

Pull upon

Meaning: To use or utilize, especially a resource.

Example: We might need to pull upon our savings this month.

Phrasal Verbs with Pull

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