Phrasal Verbs with Pick

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Exploring the English language can reveal fascinating ways to express yourself, particularly through phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs with “pick” offer a variety of expressions useful in everyday conversation. These combinations provide nuanced meanings and can enhance your verbal and written communication. Let’s dive into some common phrasal verbs that begin with the word “pick.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Pick:

  1. Pick at
  2. Pick off
  3. Pick on
  4. Pick out
  5. Pick up
  6. Pick apart
  7. Pick over
  8. Pick through
  9. Pick up on
  10. Pick oneself up
  11. Pick back up
  12. Pick off
  13. Pick ahead
  14. Pick away
  15. Pick around
  16. Pick along
  17. Pick across
  18. Pick aside
  19. Pick forth
  20. Pick down

Phrasal Verbs With Pick And Their Meanings

Pick out

Meaning: To choose or select from a group.

Example: She picked out a lovely dress for the occasion.

Pick at

Meaning: To eat food in small amounts without appetite.

Example: She just picked at her dinner, looking distracted.

Pick off

Meaning: To remove something from its position by pulling.

Example: He picked off the dead leaves from the plant.

Pick on

Meaning: To repeatedly criticize or tease someone in a mean way.

Example: The older kids tend to pick on the younger ones at school.

Pick up

Meaning: To lift something from a surface; to learn something new easily.

Example: Can you pick up that book from the floor?

Pick apart

Meaning: To criticize something in detail.

Example: The reviewer picked apart the film for its inaccurate details.

Pick over

Meaning: To examine and select the best items.

Example: She picked over the fruit to find the ripest ones.

Pick through

Meaning: To search through a collection carefully.

Example: He picked through the records looking for a specific album.

Pick up on

Meaning: To notice or become aware of something.

Example: She quickly picked up on the hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Pick oneself up

Meaning: To recover from a setback.

Example: He picked himself up after the failure and tried again.

Pick back up

Meaning: To return to something previously paused.

Example: Let’s pick back up where we left off in our meeting yesterday.

Pick ahead

Meaning: To select or plan something in advance.

Example: We should pick ahead to avoid any last-minute issues.

Pick away

Meaning: To remove small pieces from something gradually.

Example: He picked away at the block of ice to shape it.

Pick around

Meaning: To avoid eating certain things by eating around them.

Example: She picked around the peas on her plate.

Pick along

Meaning: To make progress or advance in a task.

Example: We need to pick along if we want to finish on time.

Pick across

Meaning: To choose from a wide range of options.

Example: You can pick across different genres in this bookstore.

Pick aside

Meaning: To set something apart as different or not to be included.

Example: He picked aside the flawed items from the batch.

Pick forth

Meaning: To choose and present ideas or options.

Example: She will pick forth her proposals in the meeting.

Pick down

Meaning: To take items from a higher place to a lower place.

Example: Could you pick down those boxes from the shelf?

Phrasal Verbs with Pick

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