Phrasal Verbs with Pop

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Phrasal verbs add dynamic flair to the English language, making expressions more vivid and conversational. Those incorporating the word “pop” are especially useful for their vivid imagery and versatility. Understanding these can enhance your speaking and writing, making it more relatable and engaging. Let’s explore some of the common phrasal verbs that utilize “pop.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal verbs with Pop:

  1. Pop off
  2. Pop up
  3. Pop in
  4. Pop out
  5. Pop over
  6. Pop down
  7. Pop along
  8. Pop back
  9. Pop on
  10. Pop under
  11. Pop into
  12. Pop across
  13. Pop round
  14. Pop through
  15. Pop by
  16. Pop for
  17. Pop out at
  18. Pop over to
  19. Pop off to
  20. Pop out from

Phrasal Verbs With Pop And Their Meanings

Pop off to

Meaning: To leave for a destination quickly.

Example: She popped off to the market this morning.

Pop off

Meaning: To speak abruptly or angrily.

Example: He has a tendency to pop off when he’s under stress.

Pop up

Meaning: To appear suddenly or unexpectedly.

Example: A notification just popped up on my screen.

Pop in

Meaning: To visit briefly.

Example: I might pop in to see how you’re doing later.

Pop out

Meaning: To go out for a short time.

Example: I’m just going to pop out to the store.

Pop over

Meaning: To come to someone’s place briefly.

Example: Why don’t you pop over after work?

Pop down

Meaning: To go down to a place quickly or briefly.

Example: Can you pop down to the basement and get the toolbox?

Pop along

Meaning: To go to a place or event.

Example: Are you going to pop along to the meeting?

Pop back

Meaning: To return to a place.

Example: I’ll pop back later to pick up my book.

Pop on

Meaning: To put on an item of clothing quickly.

Example: Just pop on a jacket before you go outside.

Pop under

Meaning: To place something under quickly.

Example: She popped the letter under the door as she left.

Pop into

Meaning: To enter a place for a brief visit.

Example: I need to pop into the office for a moment.

Pop across

Meaning: To go across to another place briefly.

Example: I’ll just pop across to the cafĂ© for a coffee.

Pop round

Meaning: To visit someone’s house.

Example: Feel free to pop round anytime this weekend.

Pop through

Meaning: To pass something through a small opening.

Example: He popped the cable through the wall during the installation.

Pop by

Meaning: To visit briefly or informally.

Example: If you’re in the neighborhood, pop by for tea.

Pop for

Meaning: To go out briefly to get or do something.

Example: I’m going to pop for some fresh air.

Pop out at

Meaning: To be noticeable or prominent.

Example: Her bright style really pops out at these formal events.

Pop over to

Meaning: To visit a place briefly.

Example: Let’s pop over to Sarah’s place; it’s just around the corner.

Pop out from

Meaning: To emerge from a place.

Example: The cat popped out from under the sofa as soon as it heard the can opener.

Phrasal Verbs with Pop

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