Phrasal Verbs with Over

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Phrasal verbs help enhance your vocabulary and make your English sound more natural. This blog post focuses on phrasal verbs that include the word “over.” These expressions are often used in daily conversation and various professional contexts, aiding in clear and effective communication.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Over:

  1. Go over
  2. Hand over
  3. Look over
  4. Take over
  5. Do over
  6. Spill over
  7. Mull over
  8. Tip over
  9. Win over
  10. Hold over
  11. Start over
  12. Bend over
  13. Get over
  14. Roll over
  15. Run over
  16. Turn over
  17. Cross over
  18. Hover over
  19. Think over
  20. Gloss over

Phrasal Verbs With Over And Their Meanings

Go Over

Meaning: To review or examine something.

Example: Let’s go over the plans one more time.

Think Over

Meaning: To consider something carefully.

Example: I’ll need some time to think over your job offer.

Hand Over

Meaning: To give control or possession to someone else.

Example: He handed over the keys to the new owner.

Look Over

Meaning: To inspect or examine something quickly.

Example: Can you look over this report for any errors?

Take Over

Meaning: To assume control of something.

Example: She will take over the department next month.

Do Over

Meaning: To redo something.

Example: This isn’t right; we need to do it over.

Spill Over

Meaning: To overflow or extend beyond the intended limits.

Example: The conflict has spilled over into the neighboring regions.

Mull Over

Meaning: To think about something carefully over a period.

Example: I need some time to mull over your proposal.

Tip Over

Meaning: To overturn or cause to fall over.

Example: The vase tipped over and broke.

Win Over

Meaning: To gain the support or favor of someone through persuasion.

Example: He managed to win over the audience with his speech.

Hold Over

Meaning: To continue or delay until a later time.

Example: The film was so successful that the theater decided to hold it over for another week.

Start Over

Meaning: To begin something again from the beginning.

Example: After the mistake, we decided to start over.

Bend Over

Meaning: To lean forward and downward; often implies picking something up.

Example: He bent over to tie his shoelaces.

Get Over

Meaning: To recover from an illness or an upsetting or surprising event.

Example: It took her weeks to get over the flu.

Roll Over

Meaning: To turn over onto the other side or to reinvest funds.

Example: He rolled over and went back to sleep.

Run Over

Meaning: To hit with a vehicle; also, to exceed a planned time or amount.

Example: Make sure not to run over your allotted time during the presentation.

Turn Over

Meaning: To flip something so the other side is facing up or to give something to someone.

Example: Turn over the page to continue the test.

Cross Over

Meaning: To move or extend from one side to another; also used in media and genres.

Example: She crossed over from jazz to pop music successfully.

Hover Over

Meaning: To stay in one place in the air, or to linger close to something.

Example: The helicopter hovered over the building.

Gloss Over

Meaning: To treat or describe something as if it were not important

Example: He glossed over the problems the project faced.

Phrasal Verbs with Over

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