Phrasal Verbs with Off

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Phrasal verbs are a key part of English language learning, offering a way to express complex ideas through simple verb-preposition combinations. In this post, we explore phrasal verbs that use the word “off.” These are especially useful as they appear frequently in both spoken and written English across a variety of situations. Mastering these will enhance your fluency and understanding.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Off:

  1. Show off
  2. Take off
  3. Pull off
  4. Kick off
  5. Drop off
  6. Pay off
  7. Cut off
  8. Set off
  9. Call off
  10. Brush off
  11. Break off
  12. Block off
  13. Back off
  14. Blast off
  15. Cool off
  16. Fire off
  17. Log off
  18. Rip off
  19. Shake off
  20. Ward off

Phrasal Verbs With Off And Their Meanings

Rip Off

Meaning: To cheat, swindle, or overcharge.

Example: That shop rips off tourists with high prices.

Ward Off

Meaning: To avert or prevent something.

Example: She carried an umbrella to ward off the sun.

Show Off

Meaning: To display proudly.

Example: He likes to show off his new bike to his friends.

Take Off

Meaning: To leave the ground (aircraft) or to start suddenly.

Example: The plane took off on time.

Pull Off

Meaning: To succeed in doing something difficult.

Example: She managed to pull off the project under a tight deadline.

Kick Off

Meaning: To start or initiate (usually an event or activity).

Example: The match kicks off at 3 PM.

Drop Off

Meaning: To decrease or to deliver someone/something and leave them/it there.

Example: Attendance at the meetings has dropped off recently.

Pay Off

Meaning: To finish paying for something or when effort results in success.

Example: All his hard work finally paid off when he got promoted.

Cut Off

Meaning: To interrupt or sever.

Example: The phone call was cut off suddenly.

Set Off

Meaning: To start a journey or to cause something to explode or start.

Example: They set off on a road trip at dawn.

Call Off

Meaning: To cancel something

Example: The game was called off due to rain.

Brush Off

Meaning: To dismiss or ignore someone or something.

Example: He just brushed off my concerns as if they were nothing.

Break Off

Meaning: To end a relationship or a negotiation abruptly.

Example: She decided to break off the engagement.

Block Off

Meaning: To obstruct or prevent access.

Example: The police blocked off the road after the accident.

Back Off

Meaning: To retreat or stop being involved.

Example: You need to back off and give her some space.

Blast Off

Meaning: To launch, especially used for rockets.

Example: The spacecraft blasted off on schedule.

Cool Off

Meaning: To calm down after being angry or to cool down physically.

Example: He went for a swim to cool off.

Fire Off

Meaning: To send quickly or abruptly, often used in reference to sending messages.

Example: She fired off an email to correct the misunderstanding.

Log Off

Meaning: To sign out of a digital account or system.

Example: Don’t forget to log off when you’re done with your work.

Shake Off

Meaning: To get rid of something, such as an illness or a pursuer.

Example: He finally shook off his cold.

Phrasal Verbs with Off

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