Phrasal Verbs with Pass

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Phrasal verbs enrich communication by allowing speakers to express actions in a nuanced way. This post delves into phrasal verbs featuring the word “pass,” which are frequently used in both everyday and professional language settings. These verbs can express a range of actions from movement to changes in states or conditions.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Pass:

  1. Pass up
  2. Pass out
  3. Pass over
  4. Pass through
  5. Pass away
  6. Pass off
  7. Pass down
  8. Pass back
  9. Pass around
  10. Pass on
  11. Pass by
  12. Pass along
  13. Pass under
  14. Pass to
  15. Pass into
  16. Pass out of
  17. Pass against
  18. Pass for
  19. Pass at
  20. Pass through

Phrasal Verbs With Pass And Their Meanings

Pass At

Meaning: To make an attempt or a critical remark.

Example: He made a pass at solving the difficult problem.

Pass Up

Meaning: To decline or refuse a good opportunity.

Example: I can’t believe he passed up the chance to study abroad.

Pass Out

Meaning: To lose consciousness.

Example: It was so hot in the room that someone passed out.

Pass Over

Meaning: To overlook or ignore someone or something.

Example: She was passed over for promotion despite her qualifications.

Pass Through

Meaning: To travel through a place without stopping or to undergo a process.

Example: The legislation finally passed through Congress.

Pass Away

Meaning: A polite expression for dying.

Example: His grandfather passed away last night.

Pass Off

Meaning: To happen, especially without any problems; or to convince someone that something false is actually true.

Example: He tried to pass off the fake watch as real.

Pass Down

Meaning: To give something to the next generation or lower level.

Example: This recipe has been passed down in my family for generations.

Pass Back

Meaning: To return something to someone behind you

Example: Please pass back the papers once you’ve finished with them.

Pass Around

Meaning: To give something out to each person in a group.

Example: She passed around pictures from her trip.

Pass On

Meaning: To decline an offer or to transmit something.

Example: I’ll pass on dessert, thanks.

Pass By

Meaning: To go past something.

Example: Don’t just pass by; come in and visit!

Pass Along

Meaning: To transmit information.

Example: Please pass along the message to your colleagues.

Pass Under

Meaning: To move underneath something.

Example: The bridge is so low that only small boats can pass under it.

Pass To

Meaning: To give something to someone.

Example: Pass the salt to your brother, please.

Pass Into

Meaning: To enter a different state or condition.

Example: The bill passed into law last week.

Pass Out Of

Meaning: To leave a place or condition.

Example: They slowly passed out of sight.

Pass Against

Meaning: To be officially approved or to pass closely by something.

Example: The reform bill passed against strong opposition.

Pass For

Meaning: To be accepted or mistaken for something or someone else.

Example: He could pass for a college student.

Pass Through

Meaning: To penetrate or pierce.

Example: The light passed through the stained glass, casting colorful shadows.

Phrasal Verbs with Pass

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