20 English Expressions With “WELL”

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Expressions with “well” are common in everyday English. They can convey a variety of meanings and are useful in many contexts. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs with “well,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Well-known

Meaning: Widely recognized
Example: She’s a well-known author in the community.

2. Well-off

Meaning: Wealthy or rich
Example: Her family is quite well-off.

3. Well-being

Meaning: State of being healthy
Example: Regular exercise improves overall well-being.

4. Well-read

Meaning: Knowledgeable from reading
Example: He is well-read in history and literature.

5. Well-made

Meaning: Constructed with quality
Example: This is a well-made piece of furniture.

6. Well-worn

Meaning: Showing signs of use
Example: He put on his well-worn jacket.

7. Well-informed

Meaning: Having accurate information
Example: She’s well-informed about current events.

8. Well-rounded

Meaning: Balanced and varied
Example: He’s a well-rounded individual with many interests.

9. Well-mannered

Meaning: Polite and respectful
Example: Their children are very well-mannered.

10. Well-spoken

Meaning: Articulate and eloquent
Example: He is well-spoken and confident.

11. Well-balanced

Meaning: Stable and sensible
Example: She has a well-balanced approach to life.

12. Well-behaved

Meaning: Acting properly
Example: The dog is very well-behaved.

13. Well-deserved

Meaning: Fully merited
Example: She received a well-deserved promotion.

14. Well-done

Meaning: Thoroughly cooked
Example: I prefer my steak well-done.

15. Well-to-do

Meaning: Prosperous or affluent
Example: They live in a well-to-do neighborhood.

16. Well-wisher

Meaning: Supportive person
Example: Many well-wishers attended the ceremony.

17. Well-versed

Meaning: Highly experienced
Example: He is well-versed in software development.

18. Well-lit

Meaning: Brightly illuminated
Example: The room is well-lit and cozy.

19. Well-meaning

Meaning: Having good intentions
Example: His advice was well-meaning but unhelpful.

20. Well-traveled

Meaning: Experienced in travel
Example: She is well-traveled and has many stories.

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