Explore 20 Cleaning Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe cleaning tasks, and situations where cleanliness or tidiness is desired or lacking.

Cleaning Expressions

  1. Wipe the slate clean
    Meaning: Start over without prejudice.
    Example: Let’s wipe the slate clean and start fresh.
  2. Come clean
    Meaning: Admit the truth.
    Example: She finally came clean about the mistake.
  3. In a clean state
    Meaning: In good condition or organized.
    Example: The office is in a clean state now.
  4. Clean as a whistle
    Meaning: Very clean or tidy.
    Example: The kitchen is clean as a whistle.
  5. Clean house
    Meaning: Get rid of unwanted things or people.
    Example: They need to clean house at that company.
  6. Clean up one’s act
    Meaning: Improve behavior or performance.
    Example: He needs to clean up his act at work.
  7. Wipe the floor with
    Meaning: Defeat someone easily.
    Example: They wiped the floor with their rivals.
  8. Brush up on
    Meaning: Improve or refresh one’s knowledge.
    Example: He needs to brush up on his Spanish.
  9. Dust off
    Meaning: Prepare something old for use.
    Example: Time to dust off my old bicycle.
  10. Polish up
    Meaning: Improve or refine skills.
    Example: She polished up her piano skills.
  11. Mop up
    Meaning: Finish tasks or clean mess.
    Example: We’ll mop up the spilled coffee.
  12. Sweep off one’s feet
    Meaning: Impress or captivate someone greatly.
    Example: He swept her off her feet with roses.
  13. Pick up the pieces
    Meaning: Recover from a setback.
    Example: She picked up the pieces after her divorce.
  14. Make a clean break
    Meaning: Completely separate from something.
    Example: He made a clean break from his past.
  15. Scrub up
    Meaning: Wash and clean thoroughly.
    Example: The surgeon scrubbed up before surgery.
  16. Spring clean
    Meaning: Thoroughly clean a place.
    Example: I plan to spring clean my house next month.
  17. Wash one’s hands of
    Meaning: Stop being involved in something.
    Example: She washed her hands of the whole issue.
  18. Clean sweep
    Meaning: Win everything or remove everything.
    Example: They made a clean sweep of the tournament.
  19. Squeaky clean
    Meaning: Spotlessly clean or morally upright.
    Example: Her reputation is squeaky clean.
  20. Clean up the mess
    Meaning: Resolve problems or issues.
    Example: He had to clean up the mess after the scandal.

cleaning expressions

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