Explore 20 Laundry Expressions in English

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Laundry expressions are used to talk about washing, drying, and cleaning clothes, as well as metaphorically represent daily life challenges and accomplishments.

Laundry Expressions

  1. Air one’s dirty laundry
    Meaning: Reveal personal secrets or problems
    Example: Don’t air our dirty laundry publicly.
  2. Wash one’s hands of
    Meaning: Refuse involvement or responsibility
    Example: She washed her hands of the issue.
  3. Take to the cleaners
    Meaning: Cheat someone financially
    Example: They took him to the cleaners.
  4. Spin cycle
    Meaning: Fast-paced or hectic situation
    Example: Life has been a spin cycle lately.
  5. Hang out to dry
    Meaning: Leave someone without help
    Example: Don’t hang me out to dry.
  6. In the wash
    Meaning: Unclear or unresolved situation
    Example: The truth will come out in the wash.
  7. Out of the spin
    Meaning: Overcome stress or confusion
    Example: After the meeting, he felt out of the spin.
  8. Bleed through
    Meaning: Affect or impact something else
    Example: Her work stress bled through to her family.
  9. Put through the wringer
    Meaning: Subject to severe stress or strain
    Example: The boss put her through the wringer.
  10. On the line
    Meaning: At risk or in danger
    Example: My reputation is on the line.
  11. Keep in check
    Meaning: Control or manage properly
    Example: Keep your spending in check.
  12. Turn inside out
    Meaning: Completely change or rearrange
    Example: Their plans were turned inside out.
  13. Iron out
    Meaning: Resolve issues or difficulties
    Example: Let’s iron out these differences.
  14. Sort out
    Meaning: Organize or fix problems
    Example: We need to sort out the laundry.
  15. Clean slate
    Meaning: Fresh start, free from past issues
    Example: She wanted to start with a clean slate.
  16. Take up with
    Meaning: Start associating or dealing with
    Example: He took up with a new group.
  17. Fold up
    Meaning: Collapse or fail completely
    Example: The business folded up due to competition.
  18. Pile up
    Meaning: Accumulate over time
    Example: Work piled up during my absence.
  19. Leave high and dry
    Meaning: Abandon without help or resources
    Example: They left us high and dry.
  20. Press on
    Meaning: Continue with determination
    Example: Despite setbacks, they pressed on.

laundry expressions

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