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Repair expressions are used to talk about fixing things, solving problems, and metaphorically dealing with life’s challenges and solutions.

Repair Expressions

  1. Patch up
    Meaning: Repair or fix temporarily
    Example: They patched up the broken fence.
  2. Hammer out
    Meaning: Work out a solution or agreement
    Example: We hammered out the details yesterday.
  3. Piece together
    Meaning: Put parts together to make whole
    Example: The detective pieced together the clues.
  4. Nail down
    Meaning: Secure firmly or finalize something
    Example: We need to nail down the date.
  5. Screw up
    Meaning: Mess up or make a mistake
    Example: He really screwed up the presentation.
  6. Tune up
    Meaning: Adjust or fix for better performance
    Example: The car needs a tune-up soon.
  7. Bolt down
    Meaning: Fasten securely
    Example: Bolt down the chairs for safety.
  8. Fix up
    Meaning: Renovate or repair
    Example: They fixed up their old house.
  9. Knock together
    Meaning: Build or assemble quickly
    Example: We knocked together a quick shelter.
  10. Throw together
    Meaning: Assemble or create hastily
    Example: I threw together a simple meal.
  11. Break down
    Meaning: Stop working due to malfunction
    Example: The machine broke down yesterday.
  12. Set up
    Meaning: Arrange or organize something
    Example: We set up a meeting with them.
  13. Cut out
    Meaning: Stop functioning or working
    Example: The generator cut out suddenly.
  14. Put together
    Meaning: Assemble from parts or components
    Example: They put together the new furniture.
  15. Glue down
    Meaning: Secure something firmly in place
    Example: Glue down the loose tiles.
  16. Snap into place
    Meaning: Fit perfectly or as expected
    Example: The gears snapped into place.
  17. Patch over
    Meaning: Cover a problem superficially
    Example: Don’t just patch over these issues.
  18. Weld together
    Meaning: Join permanently through fusion
    Example: They welded the broken pipes together.
  19. Sew up
    Meaning: Close a deal or agreement
    Example: They sewed up the contract yesterday.
  20. Plug away
    Meaning: Work persistently towards a goal
    Example: He’s plugging away at his thesis.

repair expressions

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