Explore 20 Transportation Expressions in English

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Transportation expressions are used to talk about travel, moving from place to place, and metaphorically about progress and changes in life.

Transportation Expressions

  1. Hit the road
    Meaning: Start a journey or trip
    Example: We’re hitting the road early tomorrow.
  2. Miss the bus
    Meaning: Miss an opportunity
    Example: Don’t miss the bus on this deal.
  3. Jump on the bandwagon
    Meaning: Join others in doing something popular
    Example: He’s jumping on the bandwagon.
  4. Catch a ride
    Meaning: Get a lift from someone
    Example: Can I catch a ride with you?
  5. Buckle up
    Meaning: Fasten seatbelt or prepare for difficulty
    Example: Buckle up for the long journey ahead.
  6. Change gears
    Meaning: Shift to a different approach
    Example: We need to change gears to succeed.
  7. Drive home
    Meaning: Emphasize or make a point clear
    Example: She drove home the importance of safety.
  8. Go off the rails
    Meaning: Go wrong or act unpredictably
    Example: His behavior went off the rails.
  9. Run out of steam
    Meaning: Lose energy or motivation
    Example: I ran out of steam after lunch.
  10. Steer clear of
    Meaning: Avoid or stay away from
    Example: Steer clear of the old highway.
  11. In the driver’s seat
    Meaning: In control or in a leading position
    Example: Now she’s in the driver’s seat.
  12. Take the wheel
    Meaning: Take control or responsibility
    Example: He needs to take the wheel.
  13. Hitch a ride
    Meaning: Travel by getting a lift
    Example: I managed to hitch a ride home.
  14. Shift gears
    Meaning: Change the approach or strategy
    Example: We shifted gears for better results.
  15. Backseat driver
    Meaning: Someone who gives unwanted advice
    Example: My friend is a real backseat driver.
  16. Put the brakes on
    Meaning: Stop or slow down progress
    Example: We need to put the brakes on spending.
  17. Run into a roadblock
    Meaning: Encounter a problem or obstacle
    Example: The project ran into a roadblock.
  18. Go off course
    Meaning: Deviate from the intended path
    Example: Our plans went off course.
  19. Hit a bump in the road
    Meaning: Face a small problem or issue
    Example: The team hit a bump in the road.
  20. Green light
    Meaning: Permission to proceed
    Example: We got the green light for expansion.

transportation expressions

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