Explore 20 Furniture Expressions in English

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These furniture expressions are used to bring color and creativity into conversations. Let’s explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to furniture!

Furniture Expressions

  1. Bring to the table
    • Meaning: Offer something valuable
    • Example: He brought innovative ideas to the table.
  2. Hit the sack
    • Meaning: Go to bed
    • Example: After a long day, I hit the sack.
  3. Take a back seat
    • Meaning: Assume a less active role
    • Example: He took a back seat in the discussion.
  4. Get out of bed on the wrong side
    • Meaning: Wake up in a bad mood
    • Example: She was grumpy; got out on the wrong side.
  5. Burn the midnight oil
    • Meaning: Work late into the night
    • Example: She burned the midnight oil studying.
  6. Put one’s feet up
    • Meaning: Relax
    • Example: After work, he put his feet up.
  7. Fall off the chair
    • Meaning: Be extremely surprised
    • Example: I nearly fell off the chair when I heard.
  8. In the hot seat
    • Meaning: In a difficult position
    • Example: He’s in the hot seat at work.
  9. Bed of roses
    • Meaning: An easy and pleasant situation
    • Example: Life isn’t always a bed of roses.
  10. Sit on the fence
    • Meaning: Be undecided
    • Example: He sat on the fence during the vote.
  11. Rock the boat
    • Meaning: Cause trouble or controversy
    • Example: Don’t rock the boat at this meeting.
  12. Lay the table
    • Meaning: Set the table for a meal
    • Example: Before dinner, she laid the table.
  13. Go through the roof
    • Meaning: Become very angry
    • Example: His boss went through the roof.
  14. Hit the roof
    • Meaning: Get extremely angry
    • Example: He hit the roof when he saw the bill.
  15. Behind closed doors
    • Meaning: In private
    • Example: The deal was made behind closed doors.
  16. Out of the closet
    • Meaning: Reveal a hidden truth
    • Example: He came out of the closet about his career change.
  17. Bring down the house
    • Meaning: Receive loud applause or approval
    • Example: The comedian brought down the house.
  18. Table the discussion
    • Meaning: Postpone discussion
    • Example: They tabled the discussion until next week.
  19. Sweep under the rug
    • Meaning: Hide a problem
    • Example: Don’t sweep the issue under the rug.
  20. Dust off
    • Meaning: Revive or reuse something
    • Example: She dusted off her old recipes.

furniture expressions

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