Explore 20 Home Improvement Expressions in English

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Home improvement expressions give our language a makeover, just like renovating a house. Let’s check out 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to home improvement!

Home Improvement Expressions

  1. Get your house in order
    • Meaning: Organize things properly
    • Example: He needs to get his house in order.
  2. Break the bank
    • Meaning: Spend too much money
    • Example: Renovating the kitchen broke the bank.
  3. Nail it down
    • Meaning: Confirm something
    • Example: We need to nail down the budget first.
  4. Hammer out
    • Meaning: Negotiate or discuss details
    • Example: They hammered out the contract terms.
  5. Hang in there
    • Meaning: Persevere, don’t give up
    • Example: The renovation is tough, but hang in there.
  6. Measure up
    • Meaning: Meet standards or expectations
    • Example: He didn’t measure up to expectations.
  7. Build bridges
    • Meaning: Improve relationships
    • Example: She tried to build bridges with her neighbor.
  8. Raise the roof
    • Meaning: Make a lot of noise
    • Example: They raised the roof at the party.
  9. Paint the town red
    • Meaning: Go out and have fun
    • Example: They painted the town red last night.
  10. Hit the nail on the head
    • Meaning: Say or do exactly the right thing
    • Example: He hit the nail on the head.
  11. Tighten the screws
    • Meaning: Increase pressure
    • Example: The manager tightened the screws on performance.
  12. Patch up
    • Meaning: Fix or repair something
    • Example: They patched up the holes in the wall.
  13. Bolt down
    • Meaning: Secure firmly
    • Example: We bolted down the new shelves.
  14. Cut corners
    • Meaning: Do something poorly to save money
    • Example: Don’t cut corners with safety.
  15. Be on the level
    • Meaning: Be honest
    • Example: I think he’s on the level.
  16. Go through the ceiling
    • Meaning: Increase dramatically
    • Example: Costs went through the ceiling.
  17. Fall through the cracks
    • Meaning: Be overlooked or forgotten
    • Example: Some tasks fell through the cracks.
  18. Go to the wall
    • Meaning: Make a great effort
    • Example: The team went to the wall to win.
  19. Through the floor
    • Meaning: Decrease dramatically
    • Example: Sales went through the floor.
  20. Shut the front door
    • Meaning: Express disbelief or surprise
    • Example: Shut the front door! You won?

home improvement expressions

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