20 Collocations About Friendship

Friendship is a cherished relationship that enriches our lives and supports us through both joyous and challenging times. Certain phrases beautifully capture the essence of friendship, describing the depth, strength, and nature of these bonds. This blog post explores 20 common collocations related to friendship, offering concise meanings and brief examples to help you better express the dynamics of friendship in your conversations or writings.

Collocations About Friendship

1. Close Friend

Meaning: A very good friend.

Example: She’s my closest friend.

2. Mutual Friend

Meaning: A friend known to two or more people.

Example: John is our mutual friend.

3. Old Friend

Meaning: A friend known for many years.

Example: I met an old friend today.

4. Trusted Friend

Meaning: A friend who is reliable and trustworthy.

Example: He’s a trusted friend.

5. Childhood Friend

Meaning: A friend from one’s younger years.

Example: My childhood friend visited me.

6. Best Friend

Meaning: The closest and most important friend.

Example: My sister is my best friend.

7. Distant Friend

Meaning: A friend who is not very close.

Example: I have a few distant friends.

8. Fair-weather Friend

Meaning: A friend only during good times.

Example: Beware of fair-weather friends.

9. Family Friend

Meaning: A friend of the entire family.

Example: Our family friend will join us.

10. New Friend

Meaning: A recently made friend.

Example: I made a new friend at work.

11. Dear Friend

Meaning: A very affectionate friend.

Example: You are a dear friend to me.

12. Lifelong Friend

Meaning: A friend for most of one’s life.

Example: My grandmother has a lifelong friend.

13. Genuine Friend

Meaning: A sincere and honest friend.

Example: He is a genuine friend.

14. Loyal Friend

Meaning: A friend who remains faithful.

Example: She is a loyal friend.

15. Supportive Friend

Meaning: A friend who gives support and help.

Example: He’s been a supportive friend during tough times.

16. Common Friend

Meaning: A friend shared between people.

Example: We have a common friend.

17. Unlikely Friend

Meaning: A friend who is surprising or unexpected.

Example: The cat and the bird are unlikely friends.

18. Online Friend

Meaning: A friend made through the internet.

Example: I met my online friend today.

19. Long-lost Friend

Meaning: A friend who has been out of contact for a long time.

Example: I reunited with a long-lost friend.

20. Constant Friend

Meaning: A consistently supportive and present friend.

Example: Thank you for being a constant friend.

Collocations About Friendship

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