Learn 20 Essential Collocations About Money

Money plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives, from basic transactions to major financial decisions. It’s not just the currency itself, but the way we talk about it that shapes our understanding and communication about financial matters. In this post, we explore 20 collocations that are frequently used when discussing money. These expressions will enhance your vocabulary, making you more proficient in navigating financial conversations whether in personal settings or professional environments.

Collocations About Money

1. Hard Cash

Meaning: Physical money such as coins and bills.

Example: He always pays in hard cash.

2. Easy Money

Meaning: Money earned with minimal effort.

Example: That job was easy money.

3. Smart Money

Meaning: Investments considered to be wise or those informed by expert knowledge.

Example: The smart money is on technology stocks.

4. Seed Money

Meaning: Initial capital used to start a business.

Example: They’re looking for seed money for their startup.

5. Pin Money

Meaning: A small amount of money for non-essential spending.

Example: She saves her pin money for crafts.

6. Blood Money

Meaning: Money paid in compensation for killing someone, or money acquired at the cost of suffering.

Example: He refused the blood money offered to him.

7. Hush Money

Meaning: Money paid to keep someone quiet about a secret.

Example: He was offered hush money to stay silent.

8. Pocket Money

Meaning: An allowance given to children by their parents.

Example: Her parents give her pocket money each week.

9. Prize Money

Meaning: Money awarded as a prize.

Example: The prize money for the competition was substantial.

10. Spending Money

Meaning: Money used for personal expenses.

Example: I set aside some spending money for the trip.

11. Dirty Money

Meaning: Money earned through illegal activities.

Example: The film depicted the challenges of laundering dirty money.

12. Paper Money

Meaning: Money in the form of banknotes.

Example: Most transactions today don’t involve paper money.

13. Rent Money

Meaning: Money allocated to pay rent.

Example: His rent money goes out on the first of the month.

14. Counterfeit Money

Meaning: Fake money produced to imitate real currency.

Example: The shopkeeper spotted the counterfeit money.

15. Big Money

Meaning: A large amount of money.

Example: They made big money in real estate.

16. Public Money

Meaning: Money that comes from government funding.

Example: Public money funds the project.

17. Petty Cash

Meaning: A small amount of cash on hand used for day-to-day expenses.

Example: She took some petty cash for office supplies.

18. Protection Money

Meaning: Money paid to avoid threats or harm, often in a context of extortion.

Example: Businesses paid protection money to stay safe.

19. Emergency Money

Meaning: Money saved or kept available for unexpected expenses.

Example: They dipped into their emergency money for the repairs.

20. Retirement Money

Meaning: Money saved for the period after one stops working.

Example: He invests his retirement money wisely.Collocations About Money

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