20 Essential Collocations About “Meetings”

Meetings are a staple in both business and personal environments, acting as a crucial platform for communication, decision-making, and collaboration. The word “meeting” can be paired with a variety of terms, creating collocations that encapsulate different aspects and types of interactions. Understanding these collocations can enhance your comprehension and expression when discussing planning, conducting, or reviewing meetings. This blog post introduces 20 commonly used collocations related to meetings, each with concise definitions and examples.

Collocations About Meetings

1. Schedule a Meeting

Meaning: Plan a meeting for a specific time.

Example: Let’s schedule a meeting for Monday.

2. Lead a Meeting

Meaning: To be in charge of conducting a meeting.

Example: She will lead the meeting today.

3. Attend a Meeting

Meaning: To be present at a meeting.

Example: He attends all the meetings.

4. Cancel a Meeting

Meaning: To call off a scheduled meeting.

Example: They had to cancel the meeting.

5. Set up a Meeting

Meaning: To arrange the details of a meeting.

Example: I will set up a meeting with the client.

6. Chair a Meeting

Meaning: To preside over a meeting.

Example: John will chair the next meeting.

7. Hold a Meeting

Meaning: To conduct a meeting.

Example: We will hold a meeting in Room 2.

8. Minute a Meeting

Meaning: To record the minutes of a meeting.

Example: She was asked to minute the meeting.

9. Postpone a Meeting

Meaning: To delay a meeting until a later date.

Example: The meeting has been postponed until Friday.

10. Call a Meeting

Meaning: To arrange a meeting suddenly or for a specific purpose.

Example: The director called a meeting to discuss the merger.

11. Organize a Meeting

Meaning: To arrange and plan a meeting.

Example: Please organize a meeting with the sales team.

12. Convene a Meeting

Meaning: To bring together people for a meeting.

Example: The committee will convene a meeting next week.

13. Adjourn a Meeting

Meaning: To pause or end a meeting with the intention of continuing it later.

Example: The meeting was adjourned until after lunch.

14. Facilitate a Meeting

Meaning: To make it easier for a meeting to run smoothly.

Example: Her role is to facilitate the workshop meetings.

15. Moderate a Meeting

Meaning: To regulate or supervise a meeting to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

Example: He will moderate the panel discussion.

16. Dominate a Meeting

Meaning: To control or heavily influence the proceedings of a meeting.

Example: He tends to dominate our meetings.

17. Host a Meeting

Meaning: To act as the host or the person providing the space for the meeting.

Example: Our company will host the next board meeting.

18. Skip a Meeting

Meaning: To miss or not attend a meeting.

Example: She decided to skip the meeting due to a clash in her schedule.

19. Open a Meeting

Meaning: To begin or start a meeting.

Example: The CEO opened the meeting with some good news.

20. Close a Meeting

Meaning: To formally end a meeting.

Example: He closed the meeting with a vote of thanks.

Collocations About Meetings

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