Learn 15 Interesting Collocations with “AGE”

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Understanding collocations, which are commonly paired words, can significantly enhance your English fluency. Here, we explore 15 collocations involving the word “age” to help you sound more natural and proficient in your usage.

Collocations with AGE

1. Age gracefully

Meaning: To grow older with poise and dignity.
Example: She aims to age gracefully and healthily.

2. Come of age

Meaning: Reach adulthood or maturity.
Example: He finally came of age last year.

3. Under age

Meaning: Not legally old enough.
Example: She’s still under age for voting.

4. Age limit

Meaning: Maximum or minimum age allowed.
Example: The contest has an age limit of 30.

5. Age bracket

Meaning: A category defined by age.
Example: He falls into the 20-25 age bracket.

6. Act your age

Meaning: Behave appropriately for your age.
Example: Please act your age at the meeting.

7. Age gap

Meaning: A difference in age between people.
Example: There’s a ten-year age gap between them.

8. Golden age

Meaning: Period of great achievement or success.
Example: The 1960s were music’s golden age.

9. Age-old

Meaning: Very old; existing for many years.
Example: This is an age-old tradition here.

10. Stone age

Meaning: Earliest known period of human culture.
Example: Tools from the Stone Age were discovered.

11. Middle age

Meaning: Period between youth and old age.
Example: He bought a sports car in middle age.

12. Ripe old age

Meaning: Living to an advanced age.
Example: She lived to a ripe old age.

13. Age group

Meaning: People of a similar age.
Example: The survey targets the 30-40 age group.

14. Of age

Meaning: Old enough and legally competent.
Example: She is of age to drive now.

15. New Age

Meaning: Modern spiritual and cultural beliefs.
Example: He’s really into New Age music.

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Collocations with AGE

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