20 Collocations with “Opportunity” in English

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Opportunities are doors to potential and success that await our action. Whether you’re describing a chance encounter that led to a new venture, or the precise moment that turned dreams into realities, using the right collocation with “opportunity” can dramatically capture these moments.

In this blog post, we explore 20 common collocations that pair with “opportunity” to enhance your English expression, each equipped with succinct meanings and examples to help you grasp their usage instantly.

Collocations with Opportunity

1. Golden Opportunity

Meaning: An exceptionally valuable or advantageous chance.

Example: Landing an internship at the tech giant was a golden opportunity for her career.

2. Unique Opportunity

Meaning: A special, one-of-a-kind chance that is not likely to recur.

Example: The trip to Antarctica presented a unique opportunity for wildlife photographers.

3. Rare Opportunity

Meaning: A chance that seldom comes along.

Example: He had a rare opportunity to study under a renowned artist.

4. Business Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to start or expand a business venture.

Example: The city’s growing economy offers various business opportunities.

5. Learning Opportunity

Meaning: A situation or event from which one can gain new knowledge or skills.

Example: The workshop provides a great learning opportunity for beginners.

6. Missed Opportunity

Meaning: A chance that was not taken or was overlooked.

Example: Not buying the stock last year was a missed opportunity.

7. Investment Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to invest capital with the expectation of a beneficial return.

Example: Real estate in this district is an excellent investment opportunity.

8. Networking Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to meet and interact with others to build professional or social contacts.

Example: The conference offers a great networking opportunity with industry leaders.

9. Volunteering Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to work for an organization without being paid.

Example: Volunteering at the animal shelter is a rewarding opportunity.

10. Job Opportunity

Meaning: An opportunity for employment.

Example: The expanding IT sector is creating numerous job opportunities.

11. Growth Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to expand or develop in personal or professional areas.

Example: This role offers significant growth opportunities in management.

12. Educational Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to learn through formal education.

Example: Scholarships provide educational opportunities for underprivileged students.

13. Collaborative Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to work together with others on a common goal or project.

Example: The joint venture presents a collaborative opportunity for both companies.

14. Promotional Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to promote or advertise something effectively.

Example: The event is a fantastic promotional opportunity for new authors.

15. Equal Opportunity

Meaning: A chance offered to all people, without discrimination.

Example: Our company is committed to equal opportunity employment.

16. Career Opportunity

Meaning: A chance for advancement or progress in one’s career.

Example: The new branch manager position is a significant career opportunity.

17. Revenue Opportunity

Meaning: A chance to generate income.

Example: Each new service adds a revenue opportunity for freelancers.

18. Strategic Opportunity

Meaning: A chance that arises from a well-planned strategy.

Example: Entering the Asian market now is a strategic opportunity for us.

19. Life-Changing Opportunity

Meaning: A chance that has the potential to significantly alter one’s life.

Example: Winning the scholarship was a life-changing opportunity for him.

20. Limited Opportunity

Meaning: A chance that is available only for a short period or in limited quantities.

Example: Tickets for the concert are a limited opportunity, available only today.


Collocations with Opportunity

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